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We’re finally leaving the US alone for a bit and moving on to Europe, more specifically, the UK, where a lot of SARM vendors are competing for the number one spot. 

SARMsStore has only been around since 2019, but they have quickly gained traction as one of the best places in the UK to buy SARMs from. 

They seem to lure in customers with their showy images, SARM reviews, news about SARMs and by having a wide range of products available.

SARMs Store review

This all seems well and good for now, but how will this company compete with some of my recommended stores? 

Will they be able to outmatch their competitors from abroad or will they prove to be too much for the rising star?

Let’s find out!


I really like their website, the blue and white colors mesh together really nicely and the viewing experience is one of the best I’ve seen around.

Instead of labeling SARMs and the PCT supplements they sell in a normal fashion, they opted to do so by the apparent benefits their products provide.

That’s a small pet peeve of mine, as some benefits don’t really fit the description of the particular SARM they sell, but that’s just an eye sore that one shouldn’t pay much attention to.

I’ve tested all the links and they work properly, allowing you to jump between pages without a hitch. 

One thing you’ll notice immediately is the store’s affiliation with two companies called ‘Reflex Labs’ and ‘Bodybuilt Labs’.

I’ve never heard of the two and a quick google search doesn’t yield much, so this is already a bit worrying to me.

Furthermore, the company claims to manufacture their SARMs in the UK, which is highly unlikely as getting the licenses to do so would probably take them decades, if not centuries.

Already, we can see that looks can deceive and that when you dig a bit deeper, not everything that glitters is gold.

Product Selection

This store has most of the SARMs in their product selection, and they seem to be only selling them in capsule form – which is a great thing for newbies out there.

Besides SARMs, they are also selling PCT supplements and cycle support, although I’m not sure if I would buy their PCT supplements since they are natural.

Let me explain, they take a few ingredients like ashwagandha, vitamins and Tribulus Terrestris, mix them all together and accomplish – absolutely nothing.

Natural PCT supplements don’t work, just as natural Testosterone booster pills don’t work.

You can’t just take a bit of everything, mix it in a giant pot and claim to have made an effective mixture. Science doesn’t work that way.

Besides, for being made out of natural ingredients, they are really expensive so I would think twice before purchasing them.

Now for the part that really grinded my gears, their stacks.

You’ll find all kinds of suppressive SARMs mixed together as if they were nothing. They have one stack consisting of Ligandrol and Testolone and they dubbed it a ‘beginner stack’.

I’ve been using SARMs for years, but I still would never have the balls to stack Ligandrol and Testolone together, the suppression experienced would probably kill a bull, much less a human.

Their other stacks are also disappointing and quite steep. Sometimes, it feels like the company adds a surcharge just for stacking two compounds together.

Lastly, they have various supplements for sale. I can’t really comment on their efficacy as I haven’t tried them out, but I would steer clear of them.

For example, they have a product called ‘Shred Eaze’ that supposedly keeps your hunger at bay, but that just seems like another sham weight loss pill to me.


You’ll pay quite a penny when you buy stuff from SARMsStore as they are really expensive. 

One has to consider the fact that they are only selling capsules, which cost a bit more to make so the huge price is kind of warranted.

Despite that, I think that paying 50$ for 900mgs of Ostarine is just ludicrous and I would personally take my business elsewhere. 

Don’t take me wrong, it’s not necessarily the pricing that put me off this company, but other stuff I’ll mention in the next chapter.

Quality Control

This company literally has no quality control. 

We, as customers, are simply supposed to trust the two businesses the company is affiliated with, without any proof of authenticity.

I’ve already tried googling their names to find out more about them, but there simply isn’t any information available.

My take is that the company simply made up the two brand names, to cover up the fact that they have no CoA (Certificate of Analysis) present on their website.

No product of theirs has ever seen a lab, and that’s my biggest red flag as to why I would personally avoid this company.

Shipping And Returns

I didn’t find any information about their shipping procedure. The only thing I know is that they do ship internationally by utilizing Royal Mail. 

After playing around with their checkout cart for a bit, I’ve come to realize that shipping is actually free for international orders but takes a bit longer. 

Basically, they have two options available, normal and express shipping, with the latter being faster and costing around 10$.

I have a bone to pick with their return policy, as it is absolutely unfair to the customer.

You’re supposed to return the package you’ve received, unopened and untampered and only then will you be provided with a refund within 10 to 15 days.

That doesn’t make any sense – If a customer orders something, it’s only normal for them to want to open the package to see the contents inside.

This sort of refund policy is atrocious, and it is basically the company’s way of saying that they don’t care about customer satisfaction.

The website allows you to pay with all the major credit cards and cryptocurrency.

Customer Reviews Online

SARMsStore has a large online presence, they procure a lot of reviews about SARMs and they seem to be up to date with all the latest happenings in this world. 

They are present on Trustpilot where they boast a respectable 3,9 Trust Score (out of five), but the issue is that negative reviews are not replied to and I haven’t seen SARMsStore try to mediate things with recent unsatisfied users.

The only thing they do is sometimes thank those that took the time to write-up a positive review for them.

Surprisingly, they are also present on Reddit, where a lot of discussion happens in niche communities about the various SARM vendors around.

Unfortunately, they aren’t as active there either, and they have a lot of unanswered questions to mull over from customers that claim their products to be bunk.

Mind you that I’m not saying that this company isn’t legit, it’s just that they could be doing more to appear more legitimate in the eyes of their customers, but for now, they’re simply not up for the task.

I’ve already talked about the fake reviews they have on their site for their products, but I don’t think that they’ve meddled with their Trustpilot score, it seems legitimate.

Customer Support

This website seems to lack a physical address, an email address and a phone number, three items you’ll usually see provided by legitimate companies.

They do have an opt-in form in their ‘Contact Us’ page and they promise to answer any query within 24 hours.

I didn’t personally interact with SARMsStore or their affiliates, as the absence of lab results was already a dealbreaker to me, but the lack of a phone number and email address really does tell you a lot about how much this company really cares about customer support.


Props to the graphic designer of their website, that’s all I can say. 

I was positively impressed by the website when I first dipped my toes into it, but the more I explored, the grimmer my mood got.

SARMsStore has a lot to fix if they ever want to appear as a legitimate vendor.

If I were in their shoes, I would do my best to provide my customers with recent lab results, and a proper contact us page – those are two things out of the top of my head that I would fix.

Other than that, their fake reviews and overpriced SARMs really set the company’s reputation as unreliable and untrustworthy.

In conclusion, I will opt for some of my recommended vendors.

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