Swiss Chems Review – Still a Legit Source Of SARMs?

Swiss Chems used to sell injectable SARMs back in the day, but that is no longer the case, so I will have to disappoint those that asked me as I have no idea where to get injectable SARMs.

In this post, we’ll learn about Swiss Chems and see if they are a reliable SARMs company.

Swiss Chems review

If you’re just looking for a coupon code to use for Swiss Chems when buying SARMs, use the coupon code SG10 (10% discount code – the biggest possible discount).


The design of the website is simple, sleek and gets the point across. 

There are no flashy images of ripped bodybuilders in tight clothes, which I consider to be a plus considering how overused the trope is.

All the links work as intended and it’s easy to navigate from the homepage to all the other pages on the site.

They have their phone number posted publicly, which is always a plus in my book, since so many companies simply shirk their duties when it comes to customer satisfaction.

All their products and services are readily accessible through the homepage, which is an additional plus.

It simply saves time and makes for a better customer experience.

Product Selection

Swiss Chems prides itself on a large product selection, besides SARMs, you’ll find nootropics, peptides, PCT, male enhancement pills, Kratom and so on.

For the purpose of this review, we’ll focus on their SARMs and take a quick glance at their PCT products.

Swiss Chems sells capsule SARMs, which is always a good sign, as capsules are newbie-friendly and you can’t really go wrong with them.

Unfortunately, they don’t have Stebabolic in their ranks but they do make up for it with SR9011, which is basically the same thing.

SwissChems Product Selection

As expected, Ligandrol is missing from their shelves; that’s due to copyright issues with the founding company – you’ll be hard-pressed to find Ligandrol anywhere.

What surprised me is the addition of AC-262, a novel SARM not many people have heard about.

This company also has some stacks; I’ll briefly mention the ‘Beginner’s Bundle’, which consists of RAD140, Cardarine and Ibutamoren.

This smells like a great deal, as you can both cut and bulk with this stack, especially considering RAD140 is both a cutting and bulking agent, respectively.

Moving on, their PCT products are quite versatile; besides the usual Nolvadex and Clomid, you’ll find products like Raloxifene and Arimidex.

Just to mention, all their PCT products are in capsule form as well.

All in all, there’s something for everyone!


SwissChems has always been known for being expensive, in the sense that you pay more but you actually get what you’re paying for.

For example, 600mgs of Ostarine capsules will set you back nearly 70$ but once we reach the quality control section, you’ll see why the price is warranted.

SwissChems Ostarine

In my opinion, it’s better to pay more and actually get the real deal, pure SARMs is something we’re all looking for and Swiss Chems absolutely delivers!

Quality Control

This company boasts about having lab results for each and every of their SARMs. 

Upon further inspection, I found that to be the truth – they really do have lab results and they look quite good.

They even go as far as to offer refunds if you independently test their SARMs and find the results to be negative.

This kind of confidence is exactly what we’re looking for and is one of the reasons why I’m considering adding this vendor to my list of recommended companies!

I had a look at their SARMs and compounds related to SARMs (Cardarine, Ibutamoren) tests and they look quite good – more than 98% purity on each and every one of them.

Shipping And Returns

One thing I like about this company is the transparency they have when it comes to their shipping costs. Everything is laid out before you and there are no hidden costs.

The shipping costs themselves are really expensive, especially if you’re ordering from outside the US and you don’t get free shipping irrespective of how much product you buy.

Their refund policy is in line with standard business practice from SARMs vendors – if they refunded every package, they would be out of business.

SwissChems Shipping Policy

Let me explain; it’s not like you’re never getting a refund no matter what happens but if you open the SARMs and actually use them, you’re not getting a refund!

Simple as that.

If you cancel your order after submitting one, the company reserves the right to charge you 25$ from the total amount paid.

This is done to discourage trolling and multiple orders from the same person; I can respect it.

All other orders are reviewed by the team on a case by case basis.

This might sound grim but I actually contacted the team for some clarification, they told me it was all about avoiding multiple orders from one customer.

Additionally, over 70% of all requested refunds are processed in the favor of the customer.

Most of the time, it’s communication failure which leads to the problem in the first place.

This company accepts payments in Bitcoin, Zelle, PMC gold and through bank transfers.

Customer Reviews Online

There aren’t that many reviews online about Swiss Chems but most of them are positive.

You’ll always have a few disgruntled customers trying to murk the waters but this company is more than fine.

People on sites like Reddit are torn between praising the company and complaining about shipping times.

Let me address the latter; once the company sends the product, they can do absolutely nothing to speed up the delivery process.

It’s basically all in the hands of the couriers and delivery companies, which are known for having trouble due to the virus situation, etc.

Customer Support

As already stated, they have their phone number publicly posted and you can call them at any time and get an answer.

Personally speaking, I’ve called during their working hours and had my questions promptly answered.

They were related to shipping to Australia and the team handled it professionally.

I’m all for giving them a point here, as I’ve experienced the warmth and cordiality of the team behind Swiss Chems.

Swiss Chems Discount Code

If you decide to buy SARMs from Swiss Chems, you might as well get the most bang for your buck as possible.

Because of this, I’ve contacted Swiss Chems and asked them for a coupon code that I can use.

They responded fairly quickly and provided me with a coupon code: SG10 (10% off on all purchases)

This is by far the biggest possible discount and best of all, it’s non-expiring so you can use it as much as you like!


To be completely fair with you, Swiss Chems had massive issues back when they first appeared on the market.

However, they came back stronger than ever and showed everyone what they’re made of. I will be adding them to my list of recommended companies (with discounts).

Let this Swiss Chems review be an additional motivator to the team and best of luck to them!

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