SARMsX Review | Are Their SARMs Pure Or Bunk

SARMsX has been around for a long time and while their presence hasn’t been that ostentatious, they are an old source and therefore deserve a bit of respect. 

They had some issues in the past where people claimed that they’ve got bunk products while ordering from them, and the site claims to have addressed these issues by making administrative changes.

SARMsX review

The question still remains, was that just a PR move, or did they really change?

This article will delve deeper into the company and hopefully find an answer to this pertinent question.


At first glance, their website isn’t anything special and could do well with a makeover. It reminds me of one of those old-school websites that have been around for decades, but never really did transition out of their time period.

The fact that you’re met with a giant text on the homepage informing you of their change in ownership tells us that the previous owners really did screw up, doing a lot of damage to the company’s corporate image. 

I like how easily accessible their SARMs and compounds commonly used with SARMs are, and how just one click of a button separates you from an order.

The website loads fast and all the links work properly, and one is able to jump between tabs without any technical issues.

What I did find really interesting and kind of cheeky by the company was the fake link to something resembling a Trustpilot page located at the bottom left of their website. 

It’s just funny to me how anyone could be fooled by this and I have no idea what the company is trying to accomplish with such a move.

Product Selection

SARMsX seems to have all the popular SARMs for sale, except for S23. I won’t delve into why they lack one of the strongest SARMs out there, but what bothers me is that this might dissuade professional SARM users from doing business with them.

Moving on, I really like the fact that they have included proper product descriptions telling you a thing or two about the SARMs in question. This is really good for newbies still struggling to grasp all the information being thrown at them.

What did irk me were the fake reviews on the website.

How did I know they were fake?

The most telling factor was definitely the fact that they’ve all been posted in the span of two days back in 2019 and that no new reviews have been posted since then.

Another way of seeing through the bull is to just look at the content of the reviews; It’s thin, without substance and doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the experience the customer had with the SARMs. It all essentially boils down to compliments given to the company, which is a huge red flag that something is amiss.

They only sell the liquid version of SARMs and three bottles of different quantities are available for purchase: 15, 30 and 60ml.

This reminds me a bit of another popular vendor I publicly endorse, that being Proven Peptides.

SARMsX also seems to have made the lab results of their SARMs public, which is always a good sign, but we’ll see later on just how legit their test results really are.


SARMsX are really steep with their pricing, being one of the most expensive SARM companies out there.

For example, just 30ml of their liquid Ostarine will set you back 50$!

You get way more bang for your buck at a place like

I don’t really think that this company can afford to have such high prices, especially since they are trying to rebrand and save what little is left of their reputation.

Quality Control

The company claims to have lab tested SARMs with high purity rates, but the reality of the situation paints quite a different picture.

First of all, it’s a hit or miss whether there is a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) present in their product description. 

For example, there is no data on SARMs like YK11 or RAD 140.

Secondly, you cannot open their CoA since the Gmail account of the company seems to be running into an error.

I don’t why any respectable business would use Gmail to upload their stuff, when there are so many better alternatives out there.

As things stand now, this company has literally no quality control (as you can’t access it) and therefore, I simply cannot recommend that you buy anything from them.

Shipping And Returns

It was surprising to find out that this company offers an unconditional 90-day refund period for all US orders, but there are some strings attached.

First of all, you’ll have to pay for the shipping costs in case of a refund. 

Secondly, if a courier marked your item as delivered, it doesn’t matter if the goods didn’t arrive at your place, you’re still not getting a refund.

Moreover, if a shipment fails to go through customs (international orders), the company won’t refund you since it’s not their problem.

However, if US customs seize the package, they will give you a refund.

Lastly, if you, as a customer from outside of the US return the package back to SARMsX, they will offer you a refund.

All in all, their refund policy is solid, it gives the company some leeway and it is fair to the customer as well.

The company ships from the US and your package should arrive within three business days anywhere within the country.

If you’re ordering from abroad, expect to wait up to two weeks for your goods to arrive.

Speaking from personal experience (I’m ordering from Australia), it usually takes even longer than two weeks, but that’s not an issue we can blame the company for.

SARMsX supports payment through all the major credit cards, Bitcoin and eChecks.

Customer Support

Once you land on their ‘Contact’ page, you’ll find an email address, a physical address and a phone number written up.

You can contact the company for any issues or inquiries, and they promise to ‘make things right’. 

I haven’t personally had the pleasure to talk to their customer support, so I can’t really vouch for their efficacy, but from what I can see, the company does a good job of putting their best foot forward.


The company doesn’t seem to have changed all that much under new management, save for a bunch of empty promises that are never getting fulfilled.

Although the business does try its best to be accessible to their users, it fails to impress on so many other fronts that I simply can’t vouch for them.

This business has a lot to work on and I hope things get better in the future, because they do have potential, but as things stand now, it all just seems like a big dream of mine. 

Skip this company for now and opt for one of my recommended sources if you’re on the lookout for some real SARMs.

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