Biaxol Supplements Review: A Reputable SARMs Source?

I’ve reviewed many different SARMs companies over the last couple of years. A lot of them have been shut down and are being replaced by new faces.

Biaxol is a realitevely new, European based company that I’ve been keeping a close eye on.

This Biaxol review will reveal everything you need to know about them and my personal opinion on their quality.

Biaxol Review


Their website is incredible, one of the best ones in the whole SARMs industry and it shows a certain degree of professionalism, which I appreciate.

The company is very new to the industry, they’ve only started in 2023. They are based in the United Kingdom and even have their company address listed on their website.

Once again, this shows a high level of professionalism and confidence which a lot of other companies in this space sadly don’t match.

Product Selection

One of the best things about Biaxol is their huge range of products.

You can find SARMs, peptides, CBD products, Nootropics, protein powder, pre workouts and more.

For this review, we’ll just focus on their SARMs, as that’s what we’re interested in.

Regarding SARMs, they have all of the most popular SARMs in stock, including LGD 4033 and RAD 140.

Their SARMs are sold in capsule form which I like because you can’t mismeasure the dose but on the other hand, you can’t customize the dosages either.


Everybody likes a good deal when it comes to buying products but when it comes to SARMs, it’s best to not base your decision on the price tag.

Laboratory tests and high quality sourcing costs quite a lot for the vendors.

With that being said, the prices at Biaxol are very affordable, especially when compared to some of the other vendors.

60 capsules of YK11, for example, will cost you 60€. And this is the most expensive SARM on the market.

Common SARMs like Ostarine cost 45€.

I honestly expect Biaxol to raise their prices sometime in the next few months to match some of their competitors which have between 20%-40% higher prices.

Quality Control

Biaxol publicly displays their lab tests on their website.

They have 3rd party lab tests for all of their SARMs. However, the lab tests are just over a year old.

I would love to see them update their lab tests frequently and post new lab tests on their website every few months.

Frequent quality control is important when it comes to SARMs and even though their lab tests are perfectly fine, Biaxol can definitely improve in this area by having 3rd party lab tests done more frequently.

Shipping And Returns

Biaxol started off by only selling to European customers but now they ship worldwide.

European customers have to pay 8€ for delivery and can expect their order to arrive within 5 days.

International customers have to pay 15€ for delivery and can expect the package to arrive in 10-14 days.

If your package gets seized, Biaxol will reship your oder for free.

On top of that, Biaxol have a refund policy where if you the products undamaged, you will receive a full refund.

Customer Reviews Online

Before getting shut down on Trustpilot (they don’t work with SARMs companies), they’ve had an amazing 4.7 stars out of 5 with hundreds of reviews.

When we look at online forums, the reviews are very mixed. Some claim good results and some are not happy with their experiences.

However, it’s worth noting that a lot of reviews on forums are faked by the competition.

Other SARMs vendors will post fake reviews in order to convince people not to buy from certain companies and get those customers themselves.

On social media, where people aren’t anonymous like on the internet forums, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

My Experience

I bought Biaxol SARMs and had them tested for purity at the end of the 2023 Summer.

The results were great, all of the Biaxol SARMs I tested scored a 98%+ for purity. Keep in mind that 98% is the highest possible score.

I’m planning to do a cycle with the products I’ve bought during the 2023/2024 winter. I’ll keep you updated on my experience on my newsletter.


In conclusion, Biaxol is a great source of SARMs and I will be adding them to my SARMs companies recommendation list.

Their products are high-quality and pure. On top of that, they are one of the most affordable SARMs vendors on the market!

The only thing I would like Biaxol to improve, is publishing 3rd party lab test results more frequently.

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