Paradigm Peptides Review | An All-Round SARMs Store?

Paradigm Peptides is a US-based company that distinguishes itself by promising the best SARMs and research chemicals.

In fact, they are so meticulous in their mission to deliver the best products, they outright refuse to put any compound below 98% purity on their shelves.

Paradigm Peptides SARMs review

This all sounds really promising but does this company have the resources and skills to induce a paradigm shift in the world of SARMs?

This Paradigm Peptides review will answer that and much more!


One immediately notices that this website is tailored with peptides in mind, not so much SARMs.

You have to scroll down to the middle of their homepage to see some of the SARMs they sell.

This is not a huge issue, as the website itself is quite easy to browse and professionally made.

Paradigm Peptides has a sizable blog where they spend considerable time covering many different topics, ranging from bodybuilding to the products they sell.

Overall, I really like the website and what the company is doing.

They set the bar high for themselves, let’s see how far they can go.

Product Selection

Paradigm Peptides has a huge product selection, including peptides, SARMs, PCT supplements, nootropics, CBD and other research chemicals.

It’s questionable whether they really sell nootropics since all of their products are out of stock.

I really like the fact that this company takes the time to explain what their products do, how they affect you and what you can expect.

They even have a header titled ‘Research’ underneath some of their products, where they provide customers with sources, enabling them to seamlessly do their due diligence.

The focal point of this review are their SARMs, so let’s turn our attention to them.

Paradigm Peptides has all the SARMs and other compounds commonly lumped under the same umbrella as SARMs in stock, except for Cardarine.

This company moves a lot of goods and some people are buying in bulk, so it’s not that rare to see an item out of stock.

Their SARMs come in capsule form, which are perfect for newbies to SARMs, as there is nothing to mismeasure.

The company has PCT supplements but Nolvadex is out of stock, while Clomid is still available for purchase.

Interestingly enough, the company doesn’t have any SARM stacks in store for us, which is a good thing in my book, since so many companies fail to impress in this category.


Paradigm Peptides has some of the best prices on the market!

For example, take a gander at their Ostarine capsules, 750mgs of product will only cost you around 50$. has similar pricing, where 900mgs of liquid Ostarine will set you back 60$.

We do have to consider that the latter is selling liquids, which are cheaper to make compared to capsules.

Overall, the pricing structure of Paradigm Peptides is quite competitive and can even rival some of the best vendors in the game.

Quality Control

After spending considerable time searching for HPLC tests and CoAs on the site, I’ve come to the realization that there are none.

As much as it pains me to write this, Paradigm Peptides doesn’t have any lab reports for their SARMs.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the SARMs aren’t tested, just that the company hasn’t posted the results publicly.

Given that the company promises 98%+ purity of product, this is a bit disappointing.

However, there are rumors saying the company sends test results when prompted by customers.

I will keep an eye on their SARM products, hopefully, they change their mind and decide to post their lab results publicly.

Shipping And Returns

This company doesn’t incentivize bulk purchases like some other businesses do.

This means that you’ll still have to pay for shipping, no matter how many products you buy.

The cheapest shipping rates are in the US, since they are shipping from there.

I’ve checked the shipping costs to Australia and the cheapest option will cost you south of 40$, which is quite the sum.

You also have the option of expediting your order, which will add another ten to twenty dollars to your total order.

Paradigm Peptides ships within 48 hours after receiving payment, which means they lag behind companies that offer same-day shipping.

Packages within the US usually arrive within 7 business days, international shipments can take up to twenty business days to get to you.

The company accepts Bitcoin, eCheck and Venmo. They do have the option of paying via credit card but you’ll have to contact the company to arrange it.

Important to note if you’re paying with eCheck; it takes about five to six days for the payment to clear, so expect delays in shipping if you choose this payment option.

Paradigm Peptides doesn’t accept returns, except if the product gets damaged during shipping. If the latter is the case, you’ll pay a restocking fee of 15% but the company will issue a refund.

Customer Reviews Online

This company has been active for over eight years, yet they don’t have that many reviews about them.

Most reviews I’ve found are from their Facebook page, SiteJabber, Trustpilot and Reddit.

The overall consensus is that Paradigm Peptides is a good source of SARMs and many other compounds.

However, the fact that they are not posting their lab reports publicly is raising some red flags.

Customer Support

There are a handful of ways to reach Paradigm Peptides: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, by phone, email and through an opt-in form on the website.

I haven’t talked to any company representatives so I can’t give you an accurate picture of their customer support but according to previous patrons, it’s quite good!

Most queries get answered within 24 hours provided it’s a business day.

Questions asked during the weekend get resolved first thing Monday morning.

Overall, a solid customer service given the varied choices and speed of response.


Paradigm Peptides is a good vendor with lots of room for improvement, especially when you consider their lack of quality control.

Regrettably, I won’t be able to include them to my list of recommended SARMs companies, since their lab reports are not accessible to the public.

To conclude this Paradigm Peptides review, this company brings a lot to the table, although it sometimes feels like they’re spreading themselves too thin.

Only time will tell if they will take a turn for the better, which I hope they will.

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