Element SARMs Review | A Premium SARMs Source?

Element SARMs has been on my bucket list for quite some time now.

As we’ll see later, they are a very interesting store that deserves the attention.

In this Element SARMs review, I’ll be going over their product selection, quality control, pricing structure and much more.


Element SARMs has a very nice website, it’s aesthetic, easy to browse and most importantly, you can get to most of their products with just a click of a button.

I also like how they didn’t penny-pinch when it came to their logo, it’s professionally made and really compliments the website.

The first thing that caught my eye was the ‘Compare’ feature at the top-right corner of the website.

After playing around with it for a while, I realized that this is quite a nifty tool that helps customers decide what item to choose, especially when in doubt.

I’ve never seen this on a SARMs website before, so props to the owners.

Last but not least, all their links are working perfectly well and you can jump around from place to place with ease.

Product Selection

Element SARMs boasts a formidable product selection, including SARMs, aromatase inhibitors, peptides, PCT supplements, PDE5 inhibitors and diluents.

When it comes to SARMs, they do have a bit of a problem with sourcing, since they only carry three of them.

They sell their SARMs in liquid form and you get a dropper with every purchase which enables you to measure out your desired dosage with ease.

When it comes to SERMs, they carry Clomid and Toremifene. Unfortunately, Nolvadex is not in stock.

Their SARM stacks are a bit confusing; case in point, their ‘Element PCT stack’ consists of Ostarine and Cardarine, which doesn’t make much sense.


There is no getting around it, Element SARMs is one of the most expensive SARM sources in the game.

For example, their Ligandrol, which has 300mgs of total product in it, costs you close to 100$.

This is quite a sum and when compared to some of my recommended sources, like Rats Army, we can see that the latter is almost two times cheaper, for the same amount of Ligandrol!

This isn’t a big deal, provided the quality control of Element SARMs is on point.

With that being said, let’s check it out!

Quality Control

I couldn’t find any quality control on the SARMs sold by this company.

Most of the time, vendors who don’t test their SARMs end up pricing them very competitively compared to other companies.

Unfortunately, Element SARMs doesn’t do any of that.

It’s a big question whether this company tests its SARMs but if I had to take a guess, I would lean towards a yes.

The only remaining mystery is the reasoning behind not sharing results publicly.

Shipping And Returns

Everything you can find on shipping and returns is detailed in their FAQ section, which could use some sorting and additional information.

Element SARMs ships from the US, from three fulfillment centers located in Florida, South Carolina and Colorado.

Orders, before 11am EST, are processed on the same day, except for Sundays.

The store warns customers multiple times that shipping is delayed due to the virus situation.

I can respect that, since it’s not the company’s fault.

Element SARMs mark certain products as ‘US only’,  which means they’ll only ship the item to customers in the US.

If you order more than 200$ worth of product, you get free shipping.

Important to keep in mind is that your order has to be over 100$ for it to go through, so if you’re going to purchase goods from this company, it’s best to buy in bulk.

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t have a return policy.

The company accepts all the major credit cards and Bitcoin as their payment options.

Lastly, I have to introduce you to Element SARMs reward points.

For every dollar spent at the store, you get one point which is equal to 10 cents in store credit.

This means that every subsequent purchase nets you 10% off at Element SARMs.

Customer Reviews Online

Element SARMs does have a ‘Reviews’ tab at the footer of their website. Interestingly enough, the reviews abruptly halt in May 2021. 

The company received a slew of reviews for days on end and then, as if by magic, the comments stopped.

This is quite fishy, so I’m not going to factor it in.

Their online presence is quite small, there are a few queries about them on Reddit but nobody is offering any concrete answers.

As far as I know, they do have two Reddit accounts but they don’t engage with the community a whole lot.

Customer Support

There are two ways to contact this vendor, either by email or with the contact form on their website.

Some customers have complained that this vendor is unresponsive.

This is an allegation which I can’t confirm or deny since I didn’t test their customer support.

However, given that the company fulfills orders even on Saturday tells us that they are trying their best to succeed in the business.

This is the reason why I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.


This company is a great contender in the SARMs game, the two biggest things holding them back are their lack of SARMs and absence of quality control.

If this vendor were to fix those two issues above, they could have a shot at becoming one of my recommended sources

To conclude this Element SARMs review, this is a company that doesn’t shy away from trying new things, an example of this is their ‘Compare’ function.

Moreover, their willingness to break their backs and work on Saturday shows maturity and commitment.

Overall, a decent source which could become a behemoth if it enacted a few crucial changes.

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