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I’ve reviewed a ton of SARMs companies over the last seven years but I’ve never come across a vendor like this one.

SARMs1 actually has a rule where if you don’t order at least 499$ worth of product, they refuse to do business with you.

SARMs1 SARMs Review

This is just mind-boggling to me as 500$ is a lot of money to shell out, especially if you’re new to the brand.

This SARMs1 review will reveal just how deep the rabbit hole goes and in the end, I’ll show you where to get the best SARMs money can buy.


Their website is so-so, nothing to get excited about but not as bad as it could be.

The first thing one notices when interacting with the site is the black banner stating the company is on vacation until January, 2020.

As of November, 2021, this has still not been updated and is surely costing the company valuable customers.

Most of their links work as intended but their website seriously lacks crucial information.

Case in point, their ‘About Us’ section consists of two small sentences.

Also, their social media widgets point to nothing.

Product Selection

SARMs1 has all the SARMs and compounds associated with SARMs in stock, except for YK11 and S23.

This doesn’t really bother newbies to SARMs but I can imagine experienced cyclers being annoyed that they don’t carry the two SARMs above.

They sell their SARMs in capsule form which beginners surely appreciate.

SARMs1 also has SARM stacks in stock.

I have mixed feelings about their stacks since some of them, like the ‘Beginner cutting cycle’ are legit, while the ‘Beginner bulking cycle’ is potentially dangerous.


Here is where the title of this article starts making sense.

If the SARM stores I normally review are akin to Walmart, then SARMs1 is similar to brands like Armani or Prada.

600mgs of Ligandrol will set you back close to 500$!

This is quite the price tag and unless the Ligandrol capsules went through extensive testing, I wouldn’t be buying them.

SARMs1 is a bit overpriced, we can all agree with that, but surely their quality control excuses their prices?

Let’s find out.

Quality Control

It’s hard to believe but this company doesn’t have any quality control.

I’ve literally searched everywhere on the website in hopes I would find some sort of report but nothing I did yielded any results.

I’m convinced the company tests their batches but they are not posting them publicly for one reason or another.

There have also been cases where the website manager simply forgot to attach the results.

It’s all speculation but the fact of the matter remains, as of now, they have no lab results for their SARMs.

Shipping And Returns

As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t buy at least 500$ worth of goods, you will not be able to order from this company.

They offer free shipping to any country, so long as you order over 999$ of product in their store.

They ship your item out in three to four business days. The standard in the SARMs industry is same-day processing or at worst, the day after you’ve ordered.

According to the company, orders take between 12 to 19 business days to arrive at your doorstep.

Worst thing of all, they don’t have a return policy.

SARMs1 simply states that no returns will be accepted, due to the fact that returned products can’t be resold.

If you spend more than 1500$ at their store, you get a gift.

The company only accepts Bitcoin as a payment option.

Customer Reviews Online

SARMs1 is one of the oldest SARMs sources still online today.

They started their journey in 2011 and have accumulated a lot of reviews on sites like Reddit and other bodybuilding forums.

Their biggest proponent was Evolutionary, who had a forum where SARMs1 was frequently discussed, back when better SARM sources simply didn’t exist.

However, reviews on Reddit are mostly negative, as users blame the company for bunk products, despite the high price tag.

Customer Support

SARMs1 claims to have the best customer support in the industry, with instant answers from experts who are ‘always online’.

I didn’t test their customer support personally but I don’t believe they have 24/7 support, it’s a bit of a stretch, to be perfectly fair.

The only way to contact the company is through an opt-in form, they don’t show their email, phone number or anything else publicly.


SARMs1 is a very interesting SARMs company.

They have been in the game for more than 10 years and despite their weird practices, it seems the business is still afloat, somehow.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that they have no quality control, I can’t recommend them to my readers.

Additionally, the prices are a bit too high for the average person and the quality doesn’t reflect the price point one bit.

To conclude this SARMs1 review, I can’t recommend them until they post their lab results. For now, take a look at my recommended sources.

They are affordable, have extensive testing done on their SARMs and you can order as much or as little as you like!

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