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If you’re someone that’s wondering where to buy SARMs in the UK, you’ve come to the right place, as I’ll be revealing my favorite spot in just a few lines.


Before we do that, let’s first look at my exclusion criteria used to determine the best SARMs company in the UK.

If you can’t be bothered, just skip to the second to last section and follow the link there, it will take you to my recommended companies in the UK.

What to Look Out For

You’re probably expecting me to talk about the usual stuff; recent lab reviews, pure SARMs, discreet shipping service, good customer interaction, reviews online and so on.

And yes, these are all important but there are some things to look out for pertinent to just the UK, which I think are quite principal to finding a good vendor.

Let’s get this list started!

1. The Usage of PayPal

Contrary to popular belief, PayPal has a wide following and user base in the UK.

It’s only natural that many new vendors trying to get a piece of the pie offer PayPal as a payment option.

However, PayPal has strict policies against research chemicals; you’re essentially breaching their terms and conditions by buying SARMs.

This puts your entire PayPal account at risk.

That’s why I’ve excluded every UK SARMs vendor with PayPal as a payment option; they are not worth the time.

2. Branding

Since laws in the UK are quite lax; you can even have steroids at home for personal use, it’s important to look at how a vendor is branding their SARMs.

If they promise quick muscle gain, in any way hinting towards human consumption, you know it’s not good.

As I’ve said, the laws are a bit more relaxed compared to the US but when a vendor deliberately marks their SARMs as eligible for human consumption, it doesn’t end well.

One reason for that is surely the fact that any vendor bold enough to essentially break the law is also going to be bold enough to swindle you in some other way.

I’ve had that happen to me multiple times and trust me, it’s not fun.

3. Low Prices

This is a huge red flag, as high-quality SARMs cost a bit more and not just that, the company has to test every batch which incurs an extra fee.

Companies that price their SARMs on the low end, even with all the promises, simply can’t deliver good products unless they are taking a loss on every transaction.

Trust me, every company out there is looking for profit and in the end, the one that ends up paying for it, quite literally, is you.

SARMs tainted with chemicals and impure products are one of the main reasons this sport gets such a bad reputation.

The Best SARMs Vendor In The UK

I’m going to be honest, the SARMs scene in the UK is currently a hot mess.

Out of all the vendors I’ve looked at and I must have probably gone through 50 or more, only a couple meet all my criteria.

Get the best SARMs by visiting my recommended list of companies in the UK.

From customer service to purity of SARMs, the vendors contained in the link above are simply the best SARMs vendors in the UK, guaranteed.


Now that you know where to buy SARMs in the UK, you can safely proceed to get yourself some without worry or fear.

The UK has many SARMs vendors, making things quite difficult for the average SARM enthusiast but I’ve managed to whittle the list down to just a couple.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

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