Where To Buy SARMs In Ireland | The Best SARMs In Ireland

It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, getting high-quality SARMs in this region is hard.

One reason is surely the lack of good vendors due to Ireland’s relatively small population.

SARMs Ireland

Despite that, there’s no need to worry as in this article, I will show you where to buy SARMs in Ireland.

Criteria For SARMs Vendors

If you’re just someone that wants to get high-quality SARMs in Ireland, read the second-last section of this article.

It will lead you to a link that will show you the best SARMs you can get in Ireland.

However, if you’re interested in seeing how I came up with the list of Ireland vendors, continue reading below.

1. Recent Lab Results

Nowadays, many companies post their lab results publicly but that is simply not enough to sway me over.

The thing is, some companies try to be sneaky and do one or two lab results when they first start operations and simply stop after that.

I have seen dozens of lab reports from 2018 and 2019, which are more than fine but they simply fail to impress.

When it comes to SARMs, no one batch is the same and it’s important to test EVERY batch.

The lab reports should be from independent third party laboratories, that goes without saying.

2. Positive Customer Reviews Online

The reviews you see plastered on the vendor’s website mean nothing, as they are easily manipulated, either by excluding critical reviews or adding fake ones.

This means that the most reliable way of seeing whether customers like what they get is from third party sites like Reddit and other independent bodybuilding forums.

I usually read reviews from many sources and make my own decision based on common sense.

3. Good Customer Support

We’re no longer in the wild west of the internet, some decency from the company is expected when handling customer relations.

This means actually picking up the phone, answering emails and simply being there for the customer.

A good company will do everything in their power to make both parties happy and while they are few and far in between, they do exist.

4. Fair Return Policy

This one is very important, as most companies simply state that no returns are possible and that if you’re unsatisfied, you can basically go screw yourself.

A company that cares will have a public statement regarding their return policy and will allow you to return unused products without much hassle.

Also, stuff like convenience fees that some companies randomly add to your returning package should be regarded with scorn.

5. High-Purity SARMs

This one goes without saying but there are so many vendors peddling trash that it needs to be said.

SARMs should be at least 97% pure or more, some tests will even show over 100% purity, which isn’t too uncommon.

The fact of the matter is, SARMs are usually cut with agents like chalk or white powder, giving the company more product but thereby mitigating the effects of SARMs.

Of course, you will never want to do business with companies that do stuff like that.

The Best SARMs Vendor In Ireland

Now that we got the basics covered, it’s time to show you the best SARMs vendor in Ireland.

The company I’m talking about can be found in my recommended list of companies in the UK.

Don’t worry, the company I’m speaking of ships to both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Shipping is actually free with your purchase; not just that, it’s discreet, so nobody is going to be asking questions.

Lastly, delivery is usually within two to three days, even shorter in some cases.

Be sure to check out the link above for the best SARMs in Ireland!


I think my criteria is pretty sensical but you would be surprised how much time I had to spend searching for the right vendor.

As much as it pains me to write this, over 95% of vendors should stop operations, as they are just harming the industry.

Now that you know where to buy SARMs in Ireland, it’s smooth sailing from here on out!

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