Where to Buy Cheap SARMs Online?

Let’s not kid ourselves; it’s a tough economy out there and times are getting harder by the day.

It’s completely normal that many bodybuilders, especially newbies to PEDs, are looking for cheap SARMs.

Where To Buy Cheap SARMs

This article will show you the dangers of penny-pinching, while still revealing the most economically viable options out there.

The Dangers of Cheap SARMs

One is surprised to learn that a lot of companies actually adopt this policy.

They continually undersell their competition, to the point where you can get SARMs like Ostarine or Ligandrol for a fraction of their normal price.

I’ve seen some vendors selling the above for 20 to 30$, which is absolutely ridiculous.

However, what the frenzied buyer doesn’t realize is that those SARMs are very likely imported from China, very low quality and without proper quality control.

It’s a gamble whether you’ll make it till the next day if you imbue that stuff.

You might think I’m joking but it’s exactly cheap vendors like these which give SARMs a bad reputation in the industry.

When you hear all the warnings and “dangers” of SARMs, it’s very likely a batch from China made its way to your home country.

I’m not saying that SARMs don’t have a kick to them, sure they do but if you buy real, high-quality SARMs, you massively reduce the risk of anything going wrong.

To sum up, if something is too good to be true, avoid it, as it’s most likely a scam in some form.

What to Look For In Cheap SARMs Vendors

If you just want the most affordable, high-quality and pure SARMs, check out the table in the section below.

I’ll now name the three biggest telltale signs which I use to determine cheap, yet reliable SARMs vendors.

1. Recent Lab Results

Recent lab results are paramount to good quality control. You can’t have one without the other.

Of course, other factors also contribute to the overall image of the vendor but this is one of the most important traits.

Some vendors try to be sneaky and post lab results from two or three years ago but that simply isn’t enough to win me over.

The problem is, every SARM batch is different and one shouldn’t fall prey to outdated lab reports as you risk health and other issues down the line.

2. Complexity of The Lab Reports

Shady SARMs vendors are getting smarter. 

They simply change the date on their CoA to match the recent week or month and viola, they have successfully fooled you.

That’s why recency of lab reports simply doesn’t cut it anymore, you also have to look at the meat of the lab reports.

This means that if it’s just a simple CoA with little to no information about how the SARM performed on the test or a table detailing the stats of the particular SARM on the test, it’s highly unreliable.

What you’re essentially looking for are HPLC assays of the SARMs tested.

3. The Pushiness of The Vendor

I could’ve looked at payment options, delivery times, customer service or any other common trait which has been covered a million times before.

Nevertheless, how pushy the vendor is on their website, in my opinion, constitutes one of the best markers when something is off.

Of course, it’s a bit hard to quantify what is meant by “pushiness”, as every vendor is out there to get a sale and make profit.

Despite that, stuff like ripped bodybuilders on the front page, annoying pop ups, promises of gains and questionable safety practices constitute a real threat.

That’s why it’s important you look out for the above, as such vendors are best avoided.

One can’t pinpoint exactly what is wrong with them; they seem without fault and too good to be true.

Lastly, every time you feel the vendor is implying human consumption in their product descriptions, avoid them without giving it a second thought.

Legitimate And Cheap SARMs Vendors

If you’ve been a reader of this site for some amount of time, you are probably acquainted with the fact that I tried nearly every vendor out there.

Trust me, the last seven years of my life haven’t been easy but it has been a very rewarding experience, being able to help others (and myself) get the best of the best.

I think it’s best we compare the few vendors that are legitimate and crown the winners with the cheapest products and best service.


Sports Technology Labs

Spectre Labs


Swiss Chems

Price Range ($)

54.99 – 99.99

81.00 – 88.99

39.99 – 99.99 

65.95 – 89.95

Avg. Price of SARMs





Customer Satisfaction

Very Satisfied

Very Satisfied


Very Satisfied

Total Rating (1-10)





While the table above isn’t perfect (for example, it doesn’t tell you how much SARMs you get with each vendor, etc.), it’s a good representation of the best SARMs vendors.

One thing to note is that the total rating is calculated by specifically looking at the price, so if you want the cheapest SARMs available online, you should go with Chemyo.

However, if customer satisfaction is something that tickles your fancy, the other three vendors might be better suited for you.

In reality, all four of these vendors are good places to buy SARMs and you should have zero issues with them.

To find the largest discount codes and the best deal with the vendors above, visit my recommended companies.

It’s a complete list of the best SARMs vendors and it even includes vendors for customers from Australia and the UK

Be sure to check it out!


I think it’s safe to say that cheap SARMs, in the range of 20 or 30$, don’t actually exist.

You’ll have to shell out at least 50$ if you want legitimate SARMs, which is fair, as they usually last for a month, sometimes even for the entirety of your cycle.

Please heed the advice in this article and you’ll avoid a lot of headache, disappointment and most importantly, health problems.

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