SARMs VS Testosterone | Which is Better?

Many people will straight up tell you that SARMs are the better option, due to their better safety profile and “selective” nature.

What this article will show you is that SARMs aren’t as perfect as they are normally portrayed and that testosterone also has its ups.

SARMs VS Testosterone

When comparing SARMs and Testosterone, we’ll be looking at things like research, total cost, side effects and so on.

SARMs VS Testosterone | Research

SARMs such as Ostarine obviously have a lot of research to them; over 1000 humans have actively tried it, including children.

However, when you take into consideration testosterone has been around since 1935, you quickly realize SARMs are in a tight spot.

The thing is, SARMs have only been discovered for circa 20 years, it will take a while before they reach the research depth of testosterone.

Right now, it’s actually safer to imbue testosterone in a controlled environment as it has more research behind it.

Of course, as we’ll see throughout this article, that’s not all rainbows and sunshine either.

The biggest problem with SARMs is that if you want something with a real punch to it, you’ll have to either settle with YK11 or S23.

While I’m not against people taking these two, the fact of the matter is that there’s little to no research behind them.

The same cannot be said for testosterone.

SARMs VS Testosterone | Intensity

I’ve seen plenty of articles online claiming SARMs are the “new testosterone” but that is a bunch of bull.

While SARMs do increase testosterone levels in a dose-dependent manner, they can’t hold a candle to real testosterone.

Whatever your problems or fitness goals, with actual testosterone, you’re no doubt bound to achieve them.

Also, the strength, muscle and other gains from testosterone are going to be much more pronounced.

Expect double the gains from testosterone compared to SARMs.

SARMs VS Testosterone | Ease of Access

The problem with both SARMs and testosterone, especially the former, is that doctors are very unlikely to prescribe them to you.

Take SARMs for example, from the doctor’s perspective, those are potentially unsafe, unregulated and under researched compounds.

On the other hand, doctors are also leery of prescribing testosterone to their patients; it’s usually done as a last resort.

What’s more likely to happen is the doctor telling you to get more sunlight, exercise, etc.

The good thing about SARMs is that you can still get them legally delivered, to almost every country in the world, via the internet.

More on where to buy them in the last section of this article.

If you’re concerned whether SARMs are within the law in your country, check out my are SARMs legal article.

The point is, SARMs are much easier to obtain if you have the right source.

SARMs VS Testosterone | Total Cost

SARMs are far more cost-friendly compared to testosterone.

For example, one bottle of Ligandrol will usually set you back between 60 to 100$.

This might seem like a lot at first but when you consider the monthly cost of testosterone, you realize how economical SARMs really are.

I’ve seen doctors and clinics charge up to one-thousand dollars per month.

Since it’s very likely your claim is going to be rejected by your insurance company, you will have to pay the full price.

To be quite frank with you, if I had the means, I would rather take testosterone in a controlled environment.

In that instance, it’s much better than SARMs, as it provides more benefits and you always have assistance nearby if something goes awry.

To conclude, SARMs are the more economical option but testosterone remains the best choice overall.

SARMs VS Testosterone | Side Effects

Many will just tell you that SARMs have less side effects because they don’t aromatize or because they selectively target the androgen receptor.

The two claims above are not quite true. 

Actually, they are the reason many users find themselves unprepared for the testosterone suppression and estrogen dominance SARMs can cause.

Yes, testosterone has a much bigger kick to it; you’ll feel more side effects and have an increased chance of gyno, prostate enlargement, hair loss, etc.

However, it’s questionable whether SARMs or testosterone is more dangerous.

The reason why stems from the fact that many users don’t give SARMs the respect they deserve.

For example, they don’t get their blood drawn, don’t use PCT, overdose or extend their cycle far beyond the normal eight weeks.

With testosterone, provided you’re doing it legally, you’ll get the exact dosage and instructions on how to behave.

You’re also far more likely to actually listen to the advice given, as it comes from an authority figure.

All in all, testosterone has more side effects but SARMs can be equally as dangerous, especially since so many people don’t give them the respect due.


In the match-up between SARMs and testosterone, there’s no clear winner.

Both have their ups and downs; if you’re a responsible adult and do as you’re told, you’ll have a good time disregarding the compound used.

If you opt for SARMs, go for the best of the best, visit my recommended companies to get the full scoop on the absolute purest SARMs available!

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