US Gains SARMs Review | The Best Customer Service In 2023?

US Gains might be relatively new to the American market but they have a boatload of experience in Australia, where they went by the name ‘Oz Gains’ if that rings a bell.

Ever since Australia banned SARMs, they migrated to the US and have been gaining traction, as they are really trying their best to satisfy customer demands.

Stories are circulating all around the web saying US Gains trumps all other vendors when it comes to customer satisfaction.

US Gains SARMs review

How true is that and what else does this vendor bring to the table?

That’s what we’ll find out in this US Gains SARMs review!


I really like the background of their website, it reminds me of the primordial soup we allegedly came from.

Their website as a whole is quite small, they have a few working tabs in their header, a few in their footer and the rest tells us about the company and the products they offer.

It’s very easy to navigate the site and get from one place to another – just one perk of running a small website.

All the links work properly, just a minor thing bothering me is their logo; they really could’ve hired somebody to create something better.

Product Selection

Unlike so many other vendors who sell everything they can get their hands on, US Gains remains loyal to SARMs, focusing on getting the purest batches out to customers.

They are lacking LGD-4033 and S23 in their ranks, the former probably because of copyright issues from the company that owns Ligandrol.

I’m not sure about the latter but it’s not that big of a deal, S23 is rarely used among bodybuilders as clinical research on humans is lacking.

Other than that, they have all other SARMs and compounds related to SARMs in stock.

They sell their SARMs as liquids and you get a small dropper with every purchase that can accurately measure your dosage.

Last but not least, they have quite a few SARM stacks where you can enjoy 15% off on all the SARMs in the stack.

There are eight stacks in total and my opinion on them is mixed: some are alright, like the ‘Injury Healing Stack’, which is composed of Ostarine and Ibutamoren.

Others are a bit iffy, like the ‘Myo-Size Stack’ which includes RAD140 and YK11.

I would never mix those two SARMs in a cycle but if you’re planning on doing both of these SARMs separately in the near future, this is a great deal!


US Gains SARMs are priced very competitively.

If I had to judge their pricing structure with one word, it would be fair.

For example, 300mgs of YK11 will cost you 60$ with them.

Compare this to one of my recommended sources, like, which charges the exact same amount for the same quantity of YK11.

Quality Control

The company claims to be completely transparent with its quality control, which I found to be correct.

Every SARM and compound related to SARMs have a certificate of analysis coupled with detailed HPLC results.

This is a welcomed change from all the companies that just plaster an outdated CoA on their website.

However, after checking out all the tests, I’ve come to the realization that some of them are outdated.

For example, the HPLC test performed on YK11 is more than two years old, which is not a good sign.

I’m not saying the company isn’t testing their batches, it might just be a case of an employee forgetting to update the results.

I’m more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt considering how well they’ve been doing so far.

Shipping And Returns

As expected, US Gains ships from New York and all customers ordering from within the US get free shipping!

This is awesome news, as so many vendors jack up the prices of shipping (some up to 10$), it’s a real breath of fresh air to enjoy free domestic shipping.

International shipping is a bit more costly.

For example, shipping to Canada sets you back 20$ for packages worth up to 250$.

Any package above that amount gets free shipping.

For other countries outside of the US, you have to pay 30$ for goods worth up to 350$, anything above that amount gets free shipping.

Shipping times are delayed due to the virus situation, which the company promptly mentions several times.

Domestic packages take up to four business days and international packages up to ten business days to arrive at your destination.

The good news for international shipments; if customs seize your package, you will get a free replacement from the company!

Their returns policy isn’t as generous, as you have two weeks to return your items in case of a defect but they will even pay for return shipping costs if the hiccup was their fault.

US Gains accepts PayPal and Zelle.

For those of you trying to pay with credit cards, PayPal enables you to do exactly that during the checkout process.

Customer Reviews Online

The overwhelming amount of positive comments I found online were one of the many reasons why I wrote this US Gains SARMs review.

From Reddit to TrustPilot, US Gains is beaming with customers praising their quick support staff and quality products.

There are multiple threads on Reddit asking if US Gains is legit and all of the replies unanimously voice approval for the company.

Not only is the company active on Facebook but they also have a Reddit account where they answer queries and contribute to the community.

Overall, a very positive outlook from customers all over the internet.

Customer Support

They don’t have a phone number or email address anywhere on the website, instead, they have a form you can fill out.

One would think that the lack of the above would impede their customer support but quite on the contrary, customers are quite happy with their service.

All emails are answered within 24 hours and according to numerous reviews, the company really gives it its all when answering customer queries.

This is an excellent sign and is a reason why US Gains has one of the best customer care programs among SARM vendors.


This is a SARMs source I haven’t personally tested but that could change very soon.

My only gripe with the company are some of the outdated lab reports on their SARMs.

Other than that, they are a model example of what a SARM vendor should look like.

To conclude this US Gains SARMs review, as soon as the company posts new lab results, I’ll be more than happy to test them out and even recommend them to my readers.

For now, it’s best to wait and see if US Gains will update their lab results, until then, order from my recommended companies.

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