Peptides Warehouse Review | The Most Detailed SARMs Lab Results?

Peptides Warehouse has been around for quite a while, the first time their website went online was around November 2014.

This makes them one of the oldest SARM sources alive today, it’s quite rare for a vendor to survive so many years, so this is definitely a plus.

Peptides Warehouse review

However, upon further inspection, I’ve come to realize that there are two domains with the same content, one belonging to Peptides Warehouse, the other to The Pep Warehouse.

Who is the copycat and who is the real vendor?

That’s a question we’ll try to answer in this Peptides Warehouse review and much more!


The website is very nicely done and has been improving over the years, the blue and orange colors go together seamlessly and make for a nice viewing experience.

There is a tab with their featured products, which highlights all the best-selling items from their inventory.

I’m a big fan of it, the only thing bothering me is that only one SARM made it to the list.

This tells me that SARMs aren’t really the number one priority for this vendor and when you take their name into account, it becomes even more obvious.

I’ve tested all the links, went from one place to another and always found my way back; the website functions perfectly well!

Product Selection

Here is where things get really interesting; besides SARMs, this company also offers all kinds of peptides, PCT supplements and other research chemicals, such as Dapoxetine, which treats PE in men.

Their peptide collection is quite formidable, but for the purposes of this review, we’ll focus on the SARMs they sell.

They have all the SARMs and compounds related to SARMs in stock, except for S23.

I’m a bit bummed out about S23, but it’s not that big a deal.

Interestingly enough, Ostarine is not listed among their SARMs, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll find it in stock.

They sell their SARMs (and all other compounds) as liquids and all of their SARMs are suspended in PEG 300, which is a standard practice among vendors.

The good news is there are no potentially dangerous SARM stacks peddled by this vendor.


This is where problems start for this company, they are quite expensive and it’s questionable whether their price points are justified.

For example, 450mgs of RAD140 will cost you south of 80$.

You can get 600mgs of RAD140 for only 58$ at Rats Army, one of my recommended vendors.

However, Peptides Warehouse rewards you for purchasing two or more products, as they currently have a buy one get one for free deal.

Quality Control

I’ve checked all their lab results pertaining to SARMs and some of them are missing. For example, RAD140 is marked as a ‘new’ product and doesn’t have any quality control.

On the other hand, on a product like LGD-4033, HPLC testing has been performed and the lab results are extensive, telling us a lot about the quality of the compound.

The tests they perform are not just a simple CoA but they show actual data about the SARM in question.

The issue I have with their quality control is the irregularity. Most of their tests are 6 to 7 years old and no new data is being presented to the end customer.

This means, technically speaking, they could have performed one solid test, posted it online and now they are peddling batches without doing any quality control.

I’m not saying this is the case, but it is a possibility we can’t overlook.

Peptides Warehouse might have one of the most extensive testing protocols on the market, but since they aren’t frequent with their testing, it all amounts to nothing.

Shipping And Returns

Shipping costs quite a lot with this company, they ship from the US (Florida) and charge almost 10$ for domestic orders.

The real horror sets in when you consider that international shipping will set you back a whopping 40$.

That’s not all, the company cedes all responsibility when it comes to customs.

In other words, they won’t be reshipping or offering a discount if customs seize your package.

The only way to get the company to send you another package would be to send a picture in case the bottles inside break due to mishandling.

In case of refunds, you have 15 days from the date of purchase to report any problems.

Not only is the time frame quite small, but refunds are granted on a case-to-case basis, decided by none other than the company.

The company accepts all major credit cards, Venmo, Google Pay, CashApp, Apple Pay and Bitcoin.

Peptides Warehouse has its own token, where one token is equal to one dollar of store credit.

You can use tokens to buy or gift store items and best of all, you can pay for your tokens via PayPal, which is very convenient.

This is a really smart way of circumventing PayPal’s terms of service but I’m not sure how lenient PayPal would be if they found out what was going on.

Peptides Warehouse VS The Pep Warehouse

Here is where confusion sets in: Which site represents the real company?

Both websites are identical, Peptides Warehouse was created in 2014 and The Pep Warehouse in 2019.

One could obviously claim the former is the real one, since it has seniority, but that may not be the case.

After digging around Reddit and other bodybuilding forums, some people claim the original owners lost access to the Peptides Warehouse website and therefore made a new one.

The old website is apparently non-functional and you won’t get your products if you order. 

This is just one side of the story, as some other people claim that The Pep Warehouse is the real copycat.

I can’t really speak for either side as I don’t have enough data to come to a logical conclusion.

That’s just one of the reasons why I didn’t order any SARMs from this vendor.

Customer Reviews Online

The company has a Facebook page with mixed reviews; some praise the company for their excellent customer service, others are disappointed at their obvious lack of care.

Make of that what you will but I would take a look at the reviews before deciding to order from this company.

Moving on, the reviews on Reddit waver between praise and outrage.

Once again, it’s difficult to form a definite conclusion about the company from these reviews.

I would tread carefully, as none of the negative reviews are addressed by the company and it’s this lack of engagement with the community that bothers me.

Customer Support

You’ll have to navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ tab to find their phone number, which is a bit strange considering most companies simply plaster their phone number on the front page.

They accept calls from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm Eastern Time.

I haven’t personally contacted the company but from the reviews I’ve read, their customer support is quite poor.

Unanswered emails and ignored calls are common, some people claim to have never received the items they’ve ordered.


This Peptides Warehouse review was strange to write, as I’m still not sure what site to trust.

Maybe both sites are owned by the same person and this whole mess is just a rumor started by a competitor?

I’m not really sure what to think and therefore before the real owner makes a statement, I won’t be ordering from any of the two sites and I implore you to take the same stance.

Also, their lab results are not recent and therefore, it’s hard to trust them.

All in all, this vendor has prospects but until the issues above are addressed, it’s best to stick to my recommended companies.

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