SR9009 (Stenabolic) VS Cardarine | Which One Is Better For Fat Loss

Today, I’ll be comparing two research chemicals that have increasingly become popular in the bodybuilding community for the amazing benefits they harbor.

I’ll go through both SR9009 and Cardarine, talk about their unique effects on the body and show you how they fare against each other.

Before I do all that, let’s first remind ourselves what these compounds actually are; many lump them under the same umbrella as SARMs, but they are not even close to being SARMs.


Cardarine is a PPAR delta agonist, which means that it affects the PPAR delta receptors by binding to them and causing them to release more hormones into the body.

In return, this has an effect on our liver who proceeds to burn up more fatty acids in our body, leading to better results when it comes to blood sugar levels.

This leads to the crazy endurance experienced by athletes when using this compound.

Besides increasing endurance, Cardarine also improves lipid profiles, has the potential to burn a lot of fat, suppresses inflammation, increases insulin sensitivity and it also helps you build more muscle.

The good thing about Cardarine is that it doesn’t cause Testosterone suppression in the body, so PCT is not needed after a cycle.

You can read my entire guide on Cardarine here.


On the other hand, SR9009 is known as a research chemical that affects the Rev-Erb protein in our body.

Rev-Erb is a protein found in our liver, muscles and fat. I’ve written about that in detail here.

SR9009 influences the number of mitochondria in our muscles, which leads to an increase in energy and endurance.

SR9009 promises unique benefits such as reduced anxiety (comparable to the effects of benzodiazepines), better sleep, increased energy, endurance and weight loss. It also decreases liver fibrosis and inflammation in the body.

You can now see the reason why its oftentimes compared to Cardarine, as they both have similar effects on the body, but through entirely different mechanisms of action.

SR9009 VS Cardarine - Half-Life

Cardarine definitely wins in this department as you only have to take it once a day to feel the full effects.

On the other side of the coin, Stenabolic has a very short half-life of just four to six hours, which means that you have to imbue it at least three times a day to feel it.

If I had to choose the convenient option amongst the two, I would definitely opt for Cardarine.

SR9009 VS Cardarine - Bioavailability

SR9009 has very low bioavailability when taken orally, so you have to take it sublingually to feel anything. You’ll have to get used to the bad taste when taking SR9009 that way.

On the flip side, Cardarine has very good bioavailability and you don’t have to go through any charades while imbuing it.

Cardarine wins this one without question.

SR9009 VS Cardarine – Benefits

I’ll speak from experience when it comes to the benefits felt while on these compounds.


I find that Cardarine bestows me with a lot more energy to work with and the experience feels a lot smoother when compared to SR9009. Don’t take me wrong, SR9009 is great for endurance, I just feel like I’m performing better while on Cardarine.

Muscle Building

The muscle building properties of both of these compounds are vastly overexaggerated. I didn’t build any muscle at all on either of these research chemicals, even though I’ve trained like a beast in the gym. I mean, I did run them both at a caloric deficit, but that doesn’t mean much.

Lipid Profile

Both of these substances have an amazing effect on your triglycerides, total and LDL cholesterol levels. They decrease the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood, which keeps you healthy. I can’t pick a winner when it comes to this benefit, so let’s just call it a draw.


While on Cardarine, I didn’t feel any better when it came to my overwhelming anxiety, but with SR9009, the story is entirely different. If you’ve read my log on SR9009, you would have seen just how much it has helped me come out of my shell. The best thing about Stenabolic is that it isn’t addictive and that I didn’t feel a craving for it after stopping my cycle, unlike with Xanax.


Sleep was definitely better while on SR9009. I slept like a baby and felt well-rested in the mornings, brimming with energy and ready to take on the world.

With Cardarine, I would also wake up with a feeling full of energy, but my sleep patterns were erratic and incomparable to those of Stenabolic.

SR9009 wins in this department.


Energy was heightened on both of these compounds, but I feel like Cardarine gave me a bigger edge than Stenabolic.

Weight and Fat Loss

Both of these compounds are great for weight and fat loss, with me losing around ten pounds of excess weight on each of the substances. I can’t really pick a winner on this one and it would be hard for me to judge, as both burn fat and preserve muscle with ease.


Cardarine is the definite winner here, no questions asked. I didn’t feel any inflammation while on my Cardarine cycle, even though I trained hard. The same couldn’t be said for Stenabolic, where I did feel a bit of inflammation towards the end of my cycle.

Although these two compounds have similar benefits, they differ enough for us to make a distinction between them.

If you’re after energy and endurance, I say you should go for Cardarine.

Conversely, if you want better sleep and reduced anxiety, opt for Stenabolic as none can compare to it when it comes to these two effects.

SR9009 VS Cardarine – Side Effects

I didn’t experience any side effects with either of these compounds. One reason for that is because they are non-suppressive and highly selective of the particular cells they influence.

This means that you won’t have to worry about side effects when it comes to consuming these supplements, as they are perfectly safe and well-tolerated amongst all age groups above 18.

Remember that this only applies if you have real SR9009 or Cardarine on your hands. If you get bunk product, you can prepare yourself for a world of trouble.

Personally speaking, I only get them from my most trusted sources, as to avoid the potential drawbacks experienced when using bunk product.

SR9009 VS Cardarine - Results

In regard to bodybuilding, I experienced similar results with both supplements; lost a bunch of fat and weight. I did feel a bit more endurance with Cardarine when compared to Stenabolic, but it was nothing serious.

I liked the anti-anxiety properties of SR9009, they helped me out a lot in my life and I feel grateful to the compound for helping me see things in a different light. Also, the sleep on Stenabolic was something magnificent!

My lipid profile improved with both of these compounds so I can’t really name a winner in that department.

Other than that, both Stenabolic and Cardarine are quite similar in their effects and the potency of their effects, so there is nothing more to compare.


I’m hard-pressed to choose between these two research chemicals. I suggest you use both of these compounds according to your needs at any given time.

Cardarine is more newbie friendly and I highly recommend that beginners start with it instead of Stenabolic, as the latter requires a lot of forethought and planning.

Overall, both of them are great compounds and you should consider making them a part of your bodybuilding routine.

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