SARMsPharm Review – Are Their Cheap SARMs Worth Their Salt?

SARMsPharm is a US vendor that exclusively sells SARMs.

The fact that they kind of had a shady past where they sold Methylhexanamine (DMAA) didn’t escape me, but they removed the product from their selection, which is a good sign.

SarmsPharm review

Businesses that exclusively focus on SARMs get some extra scrutiny from me, because if you put all of your eggs in one basket, it better be a damn good basket.

Let’s learn more about their website and business practices!


Their website is really simple and straightforward.

There isn’t a lot going on and you get the most important information delivered directly to you, one of them being the fact that the company hands out free shipping for orders above 100$.

What really confused me was the fact that there was no phone number or physical address present anywhere on the website. The company is so secretive that they don’t even provide you with their email address but have an opt-in form if you want to contact them.

Shady stuff.

Product Selection

Imagine the following scenario: You’re a newbie trying to buy SARMs for the first time. All seems well and good on the website, but only after you snoop around a bit, do you realize that they don’t offer Ostarine. You leave the site, distraught at the news, and take your business elsewhere.

I imagine this to be a common occurrence.

Since Ostarine is the most popular SARM of them all, I don’t understand why a company would shoot themselves in the back by not offering it to their customers.

Ostarine alone amounts to most of the search traffic related to SARMs; It’s just mind-boggling to me as to why a company would gloss over such an important fact.

Anyways, they sell liquid and powder SARMs, which is good I guess since it gives you some extra options.

SARMsPharm also seems to have a problem with fake reviews. How do I know that they are fake?

Well, out of the 212 reviews they have on site, literally all 212 are positive. This is something you’ll never see happening in the real world.

Another reason why they’re fake is because the reviews are all short. Real reviews are lengthy and have some sustenance to them.

Lastly, their reviews are all heavily downvoted, with downvotes being the only thing you can influence as a customer.

That’s the biggest tell-tale sign that something is amiss.


SARMsPharm has one of the best pricing models out of all the SARMs vendors I’ve reviewed.

For example, a 30ml bottle of Ligandrol will cost you $39.99, while that same bottle will set you back $44.99 at and $59.99 at Proven Peptides. is known for their cheap and quality SARMs, yet SARMsPharm seems to outperform them in the pricing department.

It remains to be seen how pure the SARMs from SARMsPharm really are, more on that in the next chapter.

Quality Control

This company maintains that they are ‘the best place to buy SARMs’, yet they have failed to provide me with recent lab results.

The lab results I saw were all over a year old, in other words – outdated, and I have no info on how pure their new batches really are.

This is not a good sign as it shows that the company only wants the appearance of being legitimate, without actually putting in the legwork necessary to be so.

I personally don’t buy my SARMs from vendors without recent lab results, it’s simply way too risky.


The only ‘dirt’ I could find on these guys was the fact that they sold DMAA, which is known to cause heart issues.

The company itself hasn’t been on the market long enough to have any real controversies, so it remains to be seen what the future holds for them.

Shipping And Returns

This vendor ships from the US and if you’re situated outside of the US, you’ll have to pay $14.99 for shipping, unless you buy more than 100$ worth of SARMs, as stated at the beginning of the article.

If you order between Monday and Friday, they’ll ship your goods on the same day.

Delivery times to the US are between 2 to 5 business days, depending on what carrier you choose at checkout.

They accept Bitcoin, Zelle and credit card payments, but the latter only applies if you order less than $345, otherwise, you’ll have to choose between Bitcoin or Zelle.

The easiest way of payment is crypto. If you don’t know how to use it, we recommend that you choose a good CeFi (Centralized Finance) platform that will help you understand crypto payments.

There is zero information on how long it takes for packages to arrive if you’re outside the US, which is a bit disappointing.

Also, the fact that there is literally no returns policy on the website tells me that you’re most likely screwed if something goes wrong with the shipment.

Don’t take me by the word; I’m assuming the worst based on past experiences, but whenever a company fails to define their terms, in 95% of the cases, it’s a bad sign.

Also, the lack of phone number and email really makes communication with this vendor difficult.

After trawling the internet for a bit, I saw many customers complaining of the poor response rate by SARMsPharm, an example being here.

Customer Reviews Online

Since this company likes to skew with their real reviews, I went out and sought an answer from places like Reddit and bodybuilding Forums.

The results I got were mixed, some were very happy with SARMsPharm, others called them ‘trash’ and maintained that they sold bunk product.

It’s the same story as with PureRawz – A divided customer base is never a good sign.

As far as I’m concerned, the company never addressed their unhappy customers and there was never an update on the reviews.

I think that SARMsPharm has to work on a lot of things, mostly on their communication and outreach with clients, as it is seriously lacking.

Customer Support

They didn’t have an email or phone number on their website. I think this is the third time I’m mentioning this and believe me, it doesn’t get old.

I wasn’t going to contact them via an opt-in form, I found that to be beneath me.

Moreover, I didn’t even know who I was contacting, so I just forwent that entire ordeal.


I can’t personally tell you to not buy SARMs from them – that’s on you to decide, but after reviewing everything that I’ve presented so far, my gut tells me to avoid them.

All in all, this SARM vendor tries to lure you in with their cheap prices, but that’s not sufficient enough to make them a good SARMs vendor.

The fact that their communication is so bad makes me want to give them a 3 out of 10.

They also don’t sell Ostarine, which is something I still can’t wrap my head around.

To conclude, I can’t recommend this store to you guys, there are way better options on the market.

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