The Biggest Discount Code, December 2023

Use the discount code sarmguide10 for 10% off when buying at Confirmed working in December 2023.

This is the best, biggest discount code as of December 2023. You won’t be able to find a better coupon code for discount code

You might be asking yourself: “why should I use the discount code sarmguide10 when buying on”.

Let me explain why.

  1. You will save the most amount of money possible on your purchase (10%)
  2. You will be able to use this discount code for all your future purchases discount code FAQ

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about this particular coupon code (sarmguide10) and coupon codes in general.

How do I use this coupon code

First, visit and add the products that you want to purchase to the online shopping cart. website

When you’re ready, select the shopping cart button (upper right corner) and click “checkout” just like I did in the video below.

Once you’re on the checkout page, put the coupon code sarmguide10 into the “Gift card or discount code” box and click the “Apply” button. coupon code

Congratulations, you just saved 10% on your order. All that’s left is to select your shipping adress and to complete the payment with your chosen payment method. We will go over the payment methods later in this article.

To summarize, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and andd the products that you want to the shopping cart
  2. Go to the checkout
  3. Apply the coupon code sarmguide10

Is this the best discount code for

Yes, the coupon code sarmguide10 is the biggest discount code for

As of December 2023, sarmguide10 is the best possible coupon code for, it gives you a 10% discount on your current order as well as all future orders.

If there will be a better coupon code, I will make sure to put it on this page right away.

Does this discount code work in 2023

This code works as of December 2023. It’s tested very frequently and if it would ever expire, I would make sure to update that here.

So unlike a lot of coupon codes, mostly those on coupon sites, this one isn’t expired and it will always work.

Does this discount code work for all products

Yes, this coupon code will give you a 10% discount on all products.

This means that you will be able to save 10% with this coupon code on all products from

Their products fall into the categories of:

  • Nootropics
  • Metabolics
  • Longevity
  • Natural
  • Supplies

The coupon code sarmguide10 will work for products from all of these categories.

Can I use this coupon multiple times

You can use this coupon code for as many purchases as you want.

This means that you will always be able to buy from with a 10% discount when using the coupon code sarmguide10.

The coupon code will be automatically saved on your account so whenever you will be at the checkout page, you will be reminded about this coupon code.

Can I use multiple coupons at the same time

Sadly you can’t use more than 1 discount code when checking out on

Because of this, it’s obviously optimal that you use the best coupon code available so that you can save as much money as possible.

The discount code sarmguide10 offers you a 10% discount on your purchase. It’s currently the best coupon code with the biggest discount for in December 2023.

How can I save the most when buying from

The first thing that you should do, to save as much money as possible on your order is to use the coupon code sarmguide10. Because this is currently the best coupon code available, it will save you the most amount of money (10%).

Another thing that you can do, that will save you a nice amount of money when buying from, is to buy your products in bulk. actually offers a discount when you buy more than 1 of the same product.

bulk discount for

So it’s a good idea to buy 2 or more of the same product. It will save you some money.

Not only that but if you buy in bulk you will also get free shipping, assuming that your total will be over 300$. actually offers free international shipping for all products over 300$. If you’re from the US, however, you will be able to get free shipping as long as your order is above 100$ (200$ less than for other countries), this is because is a US based company.

To summarize, do all of these to save as much money as possible when buying from

  • Use the discount code sarmguide10
  • Buy in bulk
  • Get free shipping by having your order total over 300$

Does offer special discounts offers special discounts a few times a year. You can save up to 25% on your purchase on those occasions.

Sadly, has these special discount codes only Christmas and Black Friday. And even when these special coupon codes are live, they only last 48 hours, so you have to hurry. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get instantly notified when these discounts get released.

Right now, there is no active special discount code and it will stay like this until black Friday (27th November).

Let’s go over what discounts you can expect to see on Black Friday and Christmas.

Science.Bio Black Friday Discount

On 27th of November, releases a special discount code that lasts for 48 hours.

The Black Friday discounts are:

  • 20% off all orders
  • 25% off orders over $250
  • 30% off orders over $500

If you buy your products in bulk on Black Friday, you could effectivelly save up to 45% on your purchase (because of the bulk discount).

Science.Bio Christmas Discount

On 25th of December, releases a special discount code that usually lasts for only 48 -72 hours.

The Christmas discounts are:

  • 20% off all orders
  • 25% off orders over $250

If you buy your products in bulk on Christmas, you could effectivelly save up to 40% on your purchase (because of the bulk discount).

Make sure to subscribe to my newsletters on to get instantly notified when releases a special discount code.

How to get free shipping from

Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t any coupons that offer free shipping.

You can, however, get free shipping when your order total is over 300$.

So that means that you can get 300$ worth of products, use the code sarmguide10 for 10% off and still get free shipping. Essentially, you will get 300$ worth of products and free shipping for only 270$. Overall, you will end up saving 30$ with the discount code and about 30$ more with the free shipping.

When will this coupon expire

If you are worried about this discount code expiring, don’t worry.

It won’t expire anytime soon because it’s a permanent discount code. This means that it’s not a limited time coupon code.


Now that we’ve gone over the biggest coupon code (sarmguide10), let’s go over the pros and cons of as well as the payment methods that they accept. pros

Here are the pros that make it, in my opinion, the best company for research chemicals and nootropics:

  • Very legitimate
  • Fast shipping to Australia and Europe
  • Pure products (probably the highest quality out there)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee policy
  • Amazing customer support with fast response times
  • Fast (usually less than 7 days) and guaranteed shipping

Let’s go over each pro in a little more detail.

Very Legitimate has been on the research chemicals and nootropics market for the past 5 years. They were previously known as “” but have rebranded into

For these past 5 years, almost everybody would agree that this company is one of the most legitimate and respected companies in this market.

Fast Shipping To Australia And Europe

This is great for all of you who are Australia and European. A lot of companies take over 2 weeks, sometimes even more than 3 weeks, to ship to Europe or Australia. delivery, however, only takes about 7 days (in my experience) to ship to Europe or Australia. Way faster than some other companies, that’s for sure.

If you’re from the US, you’ll get your package in less than 5 days.

Pure Products (Probably The Highest Quality)

This is probably the most important thing. has, in my experience, one of the most high-quality and pure products on the market.

I’ve never had a bad experience with their products.

3d party lab tests

They are also very frequently tested by 3d party laboratories and the results are always very good.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Policy

One of the best things about is that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

This means that you basically can’t go wrong with their products because if you don’t like them, you can contact their support for a return.

Great Customer Support

When I say that their customer support is great, I really mean it.

Some other companies took 2 days to respond to my emails regarding my orders., on the other hand, always responded within hours.

Guaranteed Shipping Policy

This is a great thing if you are Australian because the customs love to seize packages there.

guaranteed delivery

Even though it’s very unlikely that your package gets seized (they have over a 95% shipping succes rate), but if it does somehow get seized by the customs, just contact the support and explain your situation to them. They will be happy to resend you your package for free. cons

In my opinion, there aren’t really any negative sides to And I’m not just saying that because I think that the company is great.

I encourage everybody to try out their products. If you tried out their products and you think that there are some downsides, please contact me and I will gladly list them here.

Think about it, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, you basically have nothing to lose.

Payment methods accepts a lot of different payment methods:

  • credit card
  • cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and other altcoins)
  • bank transfer
  • eCheck
  • Zelle
  • PopMoney

The most popular and easiest ones are credit cards, cryptocurrency, bank transfers and eChecks. Keep in mind that eChecks and bank transfers can take up to 5 business days to clear. Usually, however, they clear in about 3 business days.

The best payment method is without a doubt crypto. They even offer a small discount for crypto payments, most likely to cover for the crypto gas fees.

Sadly, doesn’t accept PayPal. This is because PayPal doesn’t do business with companies that sell research chemicals. You can read more about it in our article on buying SARMs with PayPal.

If you want to pay with cryptocurrency and need help, you can follow their guide. Just click “Support” and then click “Knowledge Base”. There you will find a full guide to paying with Bitcoin on their page.

My experience with

In my opinion, is the best research chemicals and nootropics company on the market.

Their products are very high-quality and probably one of the purest.

One of the best things about them, in my opinion, is their fast responding customer support and their fast shipping. Add in the fact that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy and it’s obvious why so many people love this company.

I recommend anyone that’s looking for Nootropics or research chemicals like SARMs to try out.


In conclusion, use the discount code sarmguide10 for 10% off when buying from This is actually the biggest discount that you will be able to find on the internet. It’s confirmed working in December 2023.

When it comes to, they are definitely my favorite research chemicals and nootropics company. Their products are very high-quality and probably one of the purest on the market. FAQ

Are products pure and high-quality

Absoluletly. They are one of the most established research chemical companies. I have always had good results with their products and I find them to be one of the purest on the market as of 2023. I have also never seen multiple bad, justified reviews about their products.

How to save the most amout of money when buying from

In order to save the most amout of money when purchasing on you should do three things.

Firstly, you should buy products in bulk because you wills ave money this way because of the lower prices when buying in bulk.

Secondly, you should have your total order to be over 300$ because you will get free shipping. So basically, buy everything that you plan to buy at once. This way, you will be able to save about 50$ on shipping. If you are from the US, however, you will get free shipping as long as your order is above 100$.

Lastly and most importantly, use a discount code. If you use the coupon code sarmguide10, you will save aditional 10% on your purchase.

What is the best discount code in 2023

The coupon code sarmguide10 is currently the best coupon code as of 2023. It will set you up with a 10% discount. You won’t be able to find a better discount code than this right now. 

An exception, however, is christhmas. On christmas, releases a 20% discount code that lasts for about 48 hours. But besides christmas, sarmguide10 is as good as it gets.

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