Where Can You Buy SARMs With PayPal In 2023

Let’s face it, a lot of people who are interested in SARMs would love to buy them with PayPal. That’s because PayPal is a lot friendlier than other payment options when it comes to buying SARMs.

In this article, we will focus on the topic of buying SARMs with PayPal.

This article will be very usefull for you if you have questions like these:

  • Why it’s so hard to find companies that sell SARMs with PayPal
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  • Where can I buy SARMs with PayPal
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Let’s dive right in by firstly explaining why it’s so hard to buy SARMs with PayPal.

Why it’s hard to buy SARMs with PayPal

Most SARMs companies, such as my recommended top 3 in 2020, have these payment methods:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • dash
  • ZellePay – US debit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • GM instant check (US)
  • eCheck (US)
  • Mastercard and Visa

As you can see, most SARMs companies don’t accept PayPal. In fact, none of the major SARMs companies have PayPal as a payment method.

This is because PayPal has a very strict policy and gives SARMs sellers a hard time. In fact, PayPal often closes accounts from SARMs or research chemicals sellers.

So basically, none of the established SARMs companies accept PayPal because PayPal just doesn’t cooperate with them.

Should you buy SARMs with PayPal

If a SARM company accepts PayPal, that is almost always a bad sign.

This is because only new SARM companies will be able to accept PayPal for a short while. It’s not uncommon for these companies to do an exit scam. This means that they will either take your money and not send you anything at all. Or maybe they will send you some very underdosed products spiked with other substances that could be very dangerous to your health as well as cause a bunch of unnecessary side effects.

So basically, you shouldn’t buy your SARMs from companies like that. Instead, buy your SARMs from verified and legitimate sources.


In conclusion, SARMs companies don’t accept PayPal because it doesn’t cooperate with them. It’s not uncommon for PayPal to close the accounts from SARMs or research chemicals sellers.

Some new SARMs companies accept PayPal but that is almost always a bad sign. These companies often do exit scams. You shouldn’t risk buying SARMs from them. Instead, buy your SARMs from trusted and legitimate sources.

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