SARMs Testosterone Suppression | 5 Signs of Suppression!

As you’re probably aware by now, SARMs cause testosterone suppression.

SARMs Testosterone Suppression

The actual level of suppression will depend on factors such as the type of SARM used, cycle length, dosage imbued and your natural proclivity for suppression.

This article will explore the five main signs of testosterone suppression, show you exactly how suppression feels like with each SARM and finally, help you overcome it.

Signs Of Suppression

The funny thing about SARMs is that they act similarly to other androgens, suppressing the HPTA and still exhibiting androgenicity in tissues, such as the liver.

The difference stems from the fact that SARMs do so in a less invasive manner, meaning you won’t have to worry as much about side effects.

I’ll now list the five most common signs of testosterone suppression while on SARMs.

1. A Decrease In Libido

I’ve heard countless stories of people taking SARMs and actually experiencing a spike in their libido levels.

That’s due to the increased testosterone levels exhibited in the first few weeks of your SARMs cycle.

As you approach the end of your cycle, your body will have shut down its natural testosterone production and you’ll start feeling it.

Some men report not being able to get it up, others say they completely lose interest in their love life.

These are all common complaints and aren’t anything you should worry about too much.

2. Depression

What goes up must come down or so the popular saying goes.

Once again, when you start your SARMs cycle, you’ll probably feel like you’re on top of the world, since your body will be overflown with testosterone.

Fast forward around six to eight weeks and you start noticing how everything kind of sucks.

Those are the first signs of depression setting in, some users also report feelings of lethargy and other signs of low mood.

The best thing to do would be to hop onto PCT, more on this later.

3. Brain Fog

This one is a real bummer.

As unbelievable as it sounds, testosterone also affects the inner workings of the brain, helping with neuron connectivity.

When you start exhibiting testosterone suppression, it’s common to experience difficulties concentrating and even memory issues!

I’ve had people telling me their short term memory felt screwed while they were experiencing suppression!

4. Lack of Drive And Motivation

This one hits hard and is connected to depression in a sinister way.

The overwhelming desire to just do nothing and let the world pass you by can be gut-wrenching.

It’s especially devastating if you have a business to take care of or even if you’re trying to hold down a job.

The lack of motivation and drive stems from a sudden drop in testosterone levels, which is exhibited around one and a half months into your cycle.

5. Low Energy

The last item on our list speaks for itself; you’ll feel like being a couch potato all day, every day.

I’ve even had people telling me they weren’t going to the gym because they just felt in such a low energy state.

Some of them went as far as neglecting their hygiene and other responsibilities.

We’ll soon learn how to mitigate the effects of testosterone suppression but before that, let’s take a look at how suppression feels like on each individual SARM.

How Does SARMs Testosterone Suppression Feel Like

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, your mileage may vary depending on what type of SARM you imbue.

Following that, there should be a difference in how testosterone suppression is experienced with each individual SARM.


Ostarine is often dubbed as the mildest SARM out there but it’s far from harmless and you may still experience moderate suppression while on it.

By week six, you’ll start feeling the first signs of Ostarine suppression; it may manifest itself as a lack of energy and motivation to go to the gym.

One day you’ll wake up and feel like someone hit you in the head with a brick.


LGD 4033 suppression feels a bit heavier compared to Ostarine. 

I’ve known cases where Ligandrol caused a complete shutdown in the user, so it’s not a SARM you want to play with.

An additional problem with Ligandrol is that it causes water retention, which potentiates the lethargy and depression experienced on cycle.


Testolone is quite suppressive, comparable to Ligandrol actually.

You will usually have to wait for at least two to four weeks, even with PCT, for the suppression to subside.

RAD140 suppression feels like a combination of depression and mood swings.

This might sound counterintuitive, since depression is on the low end of the mood spectrum but sudden mood swings are a surefire sign of RAD140 suppression.

To top it all off, a libido drop is also expected on RAD140, so beware of that as well.


Andarine suppression feels comparable to Ostarine; they were once thought to be very similar SARMs.

While Andarine is supposedly mild on the body, some people who’re genetically predisposed for suppression get affected quite heavily.

The best thing you can do is blood work, which will show you exactly how Andarine affects your hormone levels.

Andarine usually doesn’t cause heavy suppression and it’s rare to be depressed after a cycle.


YK11 suppression is quite serious, it’s one of the strongest SARMs in existence and causes moderate to heavy suppression.

Even people who’re not that susceptible to suppression have to be careful of YK11, as it’s both a SARM and a steroid.

This means you’ll definitely feel mood swings, depression, lethargy and lack of libido near the end of your cycle.

The only feasible way to combat this is PCT; we’ll talk about it in a separate section later down the road.


S23 suppression is the heaviest of them all, you’ll definitely feel the lack of drive, motivation and depression hit you near the end of your cycle.

S23 is so potent that natural PCT can’t do much to help you with your suppression, you’re basically setting yourself up to imbue SERMs.

S23 is usually run with a test base but I personally wouldn’t recommend it as you’ll spend the last portion of your cycle suffering from low testosterone levels anyways.

With S23, it’s very possible that you may experience a complete testosterone shutdown, which additionally strains your body as you may lose hair and muscle mass.

That is in addition to the side effects of suppression, which may completely depress you as an individual, so be prepared for that.


Many people falsely believe MK-677 to be suppressive but the fact is, it’s not a SARM or an androgen which means that it doesn’t cause testosterone suppression.

The reason why so many people are convinced otherwise is because MK-677 causes water retention.

Water retention usually causes bloating which may induce lethargy in some users and so they believe that they are about to get suppressed.

The difference is, water retention usually goes away on its own and there’s not much you have to do to help combat it.

The same couldn’t be said for testosterone suppression.

Read my MK 677 suppression article to understand the crucial difference between testosterone suppression and water retention.

In fact, some people use MK-677 as a PCT, others use it long-term, without even cycling it.


Cardarine doesn’t suppress the endocrine system, as it’s not a SARM or an androgen.


The same applies to SR9009; it doesn’t cause testosterone suppression because it is not androgenic in nature.

How To Overcome Testosterone Suppression On SARMs

There are two main ways people decide to combat testosterone suppression while on SARMs.

1. SERMs

In my humble opinion, SERMs are both overused and overrated.

As someone who has done a couple of PCTs with SERMs, I’m quite honestly astounded that anyone is using them in the first place.

I’ve experienced hot flashes, muscle pain and insomnia; trust me, these weren’t fun at all.

The two most used SERMs are Nolvadex and Clomid.

The latter is a bit stronger but they both do the job well and immensely help with testosterone suppression.

However, their side effects shouldn’t be overlooked, as they sometimes cause more trouble than it’s worth.

2. Natural PCT

Natural PCT is suitable for Ostarine, Andarine and possibly RAD140 and Ligandrol, depending on the level of suppression.

Most people will be able to use natural PCT for RAD140 and Ligandrol but there are still some outliers who get heavily suppressed on these two SARMs.

The point of using natural PCT is to avoid side effects usually associated with SERMs usage.

I’ve actually written an entire article on this topic dubbed natural PCT for SARMs, be sure to check it out!

It includes a SERM alternative that works wonders on your testosterone suppression and best of all, it’s cheap and practically side effect free!


SARMs and testosterone suppression go hand in hand, that’s just a fact of life we have to accept.

Now that you know all the signs of suppression, as well as the best compounds for battling it, it’s time you did something about your testosterone levels.

If you still haven’t bought SARMs and are looking for some great sources, check out my list of recommended companies!

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