LGD-4033 Suppression | Intensity, How It Feels And More!

If you’ve checked out my SARMs testosterone suppression article, you would have seen that I put special notice out for Ligandrol.

It’s a SARM that can cause both heavy suppression and unwanted water retention, which is a double whammy on the user.

LGD 4033 Suppression

Read this article in its entirety to learn everything you need to know about LGD-4033 suppression!

LGD-4033 Suppression Intensity

Ligandrol suppression is mostly moderate in nature; there are outliers which experience either mild or heavy suppression.

However, more than 70% of people using Ligandrol will experience suppression in a moderate manner.

This means that Ligandrol is nothing to scoff at, as it packs quite a punch.

Despite the fact that low dosage Ligandrol in human research subjects has been shown to have zero side effects, you’re not going to be imbuing 3mgs per day.

For that reason, testosterone suppression is a very real threat and in Ligandrol, it reflects itself in a dose-dependent manner.

This equates to a higher dosage leading to more suppression.

How Does LGD-4033 Suppression Feel Like

Ligandrol may cause depression, a lack of libido and a bloated feeling; the latter is due to the aforementioned water retention.

Water retention is not to be underestimated; in some people, it can exacerbate feelings of depression and it can cause body image issues.

Drinking plenty of water and keeping your diet in check is the best thing you can do against water retention.

Ligandrol suppression usually starts off at around the five to six week mark of your SARMs cycle.

You will just wake up one day and feel like there’s no point going to the gym.

It will be a terrible feeling you’ll have to overcome, I sometimes had to literally drag myself to the gym but at least I got my workout in.

The point is, depression hits pretty seriously on Ligandrol, that’s something you have to look out for.

Moving on, the lack of libido will be palpable and your sex drive will plummet, essentially turning you asexual for a while.

Keep this in mind if you have a significant other, as sudden loss of interest in sex might be interpreted in a negative way by your partner.

Moving on, the last thing to look out for with Ligandrol are the low energy levels

This goes hand-in-hand with the depression and they are a killer duo which you’ll have to grapple with.

Let’s look at ways to mitigate LGD-4033 suppression.

How To Mitigate LGD-4033 Suppression

Mitigating LGD-4033 suppression is very tricky; it’s up to you whether you want to take SERMs or go for natural PCT.

Here’s the thing, unlike with Ostarine suppression, Ligandrol is more potent, which means that we are limited in avoiding PCT while on this compound.

I have written a special article for those that are content with using low-dose Ligandrol in order to avoid PCT, it’s called LGD-4033 with no PCT, be sure to check it out!

Realistically, you’ll probably be taking anywhere from 5 to 20mgs of Ligandrol per day, which means that you’ll definitely experience the suppression.

My suggestion would be to gouge how your body feels and react appropriately.

If you’re feeling good and only moderately suppressed, go for the natural route; I have a full guide on my site entitled natural PCT for SARMs.

However, if you’re heavily suppressed and are seeing that things are getting worse day by day, SERMs are your only option.

Nolvadex is the right compound in that case, even though people use Clomid as well.


We have to be careful with LGD-4033 suppression as it can deliver quite a killer blow to our bodies.

I personally think that reducing one’s dosage and taking natural PCT is the best way to go about things.

10mgs of Ligandrol per day seems to be the best dosage, promising great gains while still causing only mild to moderate suppression!

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