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I’ve spoken to many women who’ve used SARMs before, and they all voice the same concerns; Many of them feel alienated and body-shamed in the craft and it’s often a daily battle to keep on going.

Also, many women struggle to find success with SARMs, since there is so little information available online.

SARMs for women

Speaking of information, if you’re a woman new to SARMs and are interested in learning more about them, check out SARMGuide, an all-inclusive website I created to serve as a lodestar for beginners. Males and veterans reading this could also learn a thing or two, so I implore them to have a peek at it!

Let’s have a closer look at all the myths women have been subjected to in the world of SARMs and hopefully change things for the better.

Myth #1 – Women Only Use SARMs To Lose Fat And Weight

This myth probably propagated since many have this image in their head on what a woman should look like and chunky isn’t a word among them.

There is nothing wrong with you if you’re a woman that wants to build muscle and bulk up. You’re still just as sexy and valid as those skinny models they plaster all over our cosmetics.

As more and more women join bodybuilding and use SARMs, it is increasingly becoming clear that building and maintaining muscle mass, increasing strength, lifting more weights and improving their personal bests is among the top priorities for women.

If you’re a woman currently on the fence about whether you should follow your dreams, goals and aspirations or submit to societies cruel standards, just know that your bravery could pay off big time. 

The more women deviate from what is considered to be ‘normal’, the more it will become normal to deviate!

Myth #2 - Women Can’t Take Certain SARMs

Bro-science tells us that female bodies are simply too weak and frail to imbue stronger SARMs like YK11, S23 or RAD 140. One source I’ve stumbled upon online claims that it would be ‘disastrous’ to the female body to even attempt such a feat. 

It comes as a big surprise to men when they learn that women actually handle SARMs better than men, especially when it comes to suppression. More on that later.

Moreover, some women out there have been using steroids for years and except for side effects as a direct result of virilization, they didn’t feel much else.

Just make sure that you get your blood work done before and after your SARMs cycle, as a huge drop in SHBG might be the biggest cause of potential virilization.

This means that as a woman, you can take all the SARMs out there, but there is one thing that you have to be leery of and those are dosages.

Myth #3 - Women Should Use SARMs In The Same Dosages As Men

This is one of the more dangerous fallacies out there. 

While women are strong enough to handle all the SARMs, we have to account for obvious differences in body weight and height.

For example, the average male weighs around 200 pounds, while the average female hovers around 170 pounds. 

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably realized just how much thirty pounds means. 

If you’re a woman and are unsure what dosages you should take, a simple rule I have come up with is to just halve the average dosage of males.

Let’s take Ligandrol as an example, males usually take between 2,5 to 5mgs a day, with beginners usually sticking to the first number.

So, if you’re a newbie to SARMs and want to imbue Ligandrol, simply take 1,25mgs a day!

I know that it sounds like nothing, but Ligandrol is one of those SARMs that simply work in lower dosages, and if you don’t believe me, it has been scientifically proven!

You don’t want to end up like this broad here, who started off with 1mg and worked her way up to 12mgs and now struggles to get her natural voice back.

Myth #4 – Women Get Suppressed Just Like Men And Require PCT

This is a rumor that’s been around for a long time exactly because many men don’t understand why they get suppressed in the first place.

It all has to do with the testes signaling to Leydig cells in the body to stop producing Testosterone as there is now an exogenous source of it available.

Note that the key word here is testes; last time I checked, biological females don’t have them!

This means that you won’t need PCT nor will you get suppressed as a woman.

However, you will still need a cooldown period after SARMs for your other hormones to reach homeostasis.

As previously stated, monitor your blood work and especially your SHBG levels and you will do just fine!


More and more women are starting to use SARMs and it’s a marvel to behold. 

I hope to see this trend continue and I also hope that this article has alleviated some of your fears regarding SARMs.

Now that both men and women are aware of these myths, we can both strive for a better and more inclusive spot for women in the world of bodybuilding and SARMs!

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