My 8-Week Ostarine (MK 2866) Log – I Lost 5% of my Total Body Fat!

I avoided Ostarine for a long time. I didn’t think that it was effective or safe enough for me to use, but after doing some research on my own and penning an article on the topic, my curiosity was piqued.

A little bit of background on me: I’m a 27-year old male, 6’1’’, 203 pounds, 16,5% body fat, been lifting actively for seven years; used various supplements such as creatine, whey, fish oils – all that good stuff. 

I had never taken SARMs up until now, but was very interested in how they worked and what they could do for my body, so I decided to start practicing what I preach.

Ostarine log

My plan was to use Ostarine during a cut, as I didn’t really fancy my body composition. The one thing I feared most was losing some of my precious muscle, but I decided to go against my instincts and take the plunge anyways.

My maintenance was at 2500kcal and I decided to go for 2000kcal a day for the next eight weeks.

Since I was a beginner to actually taking SARMs, I didn’t want to go ham on the dosage, so I started off with 10mgs a day for the first four weeks, with the intention of increasing the dose if everything proceeded smoothly.

My First Day On Ostarine

I woke up, took 10mgs of the compound and went straight to the gym. As a side note, it was Ostarine from, a trusted vendor recommended to me by a friend of mine.

I was so amped up that I didn’t even greet anyone while entering the gym; I had just one goal and one vision; to see if this stuff really worked. A bit rude, admittedly, but you have to have been there to see how nervous I was about the entire thing.

I definitely felt more energy and increased endurance during my full-body workout, but it’s hard to attribute the effects to Ostarine itself, as the placebo effect likely played an active role. 

Nothing else noteworthy happened on day one, so I went on my merry way, finished my workout and proceeded with the day as usual.

Week 1-2

I woke up on day two with a headache. It was mild in intensity and it felt more like a presence of something in my head, rather than the usual pounding one experiences. 

It didn’t interfere with my workout or my day-to-day routine, so I didn’t complain much.

I noticed an even bigger increase in motivation when it came to lifting weights; I was actively pushing myself and my body to new limits, one rep at a time. The endurance I felt was palpable now, and it definitely wasn’t just placebo. In the past, while on a caloric deficit, the biggest hurdle was finding the motivation to get going, but now, that was simply not needed.

The headaches were gone by day five and didn’t occur anymore.

By week two, I had lost one and a half pounds and around 1% of my body fat, my form during lifts was better and I also felt a small increase in strength. 

Still no changes in muscle mass.

Week 3-4

This is where it really kicked in for me. I was lifting an extra five pounds on my deadlift, something I didn’t deem possible on a caloric deficit and I was feeling the pump of a lifetime. 

Being at the gym just became an enjoyable pastime, as I knew that I would enjoy a good workout, even on an objectively bad day.

Muscle size has increased slightly, around a pound, and body fat was down by 2,5%! To top it all off, I also lost three pounds of weight in total. I didn’t feel any suppression or negative effects on libido, Speaking of negative effects, save for the headache at the beginning, nothing noticeable insofar.

Measuring my biceps by the end of week four, I noticed an increase of one third of an inch! I was so ecstatic about that result and given the lack of adverse effects, I decided to up my dosage to a respectable 15mgs a day from week five onwards.

Week 5-6

More strength gain, I didn’t break any personal records, but I was lifting way more in comparison with my other cuts in the past. Deadlift went up by another five pounds and I was now doing seven reps at a time, instead of the usual five. I liked the endurance increase as it significantly improved my training sessions.

I slept well and felt more rested in the mornings. I was full of life and the people around me started noticing it. I was pulling people in with my positive energy, and I also felt my sociability increase.

At this stage, I gained half an inch on my flexed bicep, felt more content with my body whilst looking at the mirror and I also lost another two pounds of weight.

Total body fat was now at 12,5%, from an initial 16,5%, which is a 4% decrease!

Week 7-8

The one effect I didn’t talk much about in this log were the shorter recovery times and that’s because I didn’t pay attention to them until this point in time. By week seven, I observed that I could actually go five to six days a week to the gym, without feeling tired or beaten by the experience.

I didn’t feel any increase in strength and the extra energy I had in the gym subsided a bit. I leveled out at this point and didn’t gain any more muscle mass. Motivation actually decreased for some reason, probably as no new gains were made.

Weight loss was insignificant, another pound down, but fat loss remained steady, having lost another 1%.

I still maintained the muscle I had built and was overall happy with the results after week eight. 

There was definitely a notable change in appearance whilst looking at myself in the mirror.


Many people will tell you that Ostarine is a mild SARM, but I beg to disagree. While I didn’t experience any side effects except for the headache at the beginning of my cycle, I definitely felt like I was on something.

The gains I made also speak for themselves. While I did follow my diet and exercise routines to a tee, it would have been impossible for me to lose weight and fat whilst not only keeping my existing muscle, but building an additional two pounds on top of that!

In total, I lost 5% of my total body fat, six pounds of weight and gained some lean muscle mass.

My first experience with Ostarine and SARMs in general was overwhelmingly positive.

If you’re a beginner to SARMs like I am, start out with Ostarine as among all the other SARMs, it still is the safest and most researched compound of them all.

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