Guide To Injectable SARMs | How To Use, Where To Buy

SARMs are usually taken orally- through liquid or pills. However, there’s a third option which might have certain benefits over the two. It’s via intramuscular injection (IM). Or simply put, injectable SARMs.

In this article, we will go over everything that you should know about injectable SARMs.

Injectable SARMs

Types of injectable SARMs

Most injectable SARMs are modified from existing oral SARMs. The common ones found are:

  • Ostalone 

This is a modified version of Ostarine, also known as MK – 2866.

  • Follitonic 

This is a modified version of YK – 11.

  • Cardiolone 

This is a modified version of Stenabolic (SR – 9009) and Cardarine (GW – 50156). It’s often present as a mix of the two.

  • Magnalone

 This is a modified version of Ligandrol or LGD – 4033.

  • Enudrablast 

This is a modified version of SR – 9009, also known as Stenabolic.

  • Winnyvar 

This is a modified version of S-4 or Andarine.

  • Ragebolone 

This is a modified version of RAD – 140.

  • Sarmbolone 

This is a modified version of S-23.

It is important to note that SR–9009 and GW–50156 are not SARMs but are grouped with them, anyway. They’re actually PPAR Delta Agonists, a drug class. Their impressive effects on muscle building is why they’re usually classified as SARMs.

How to use injectable SARMs

When you’re putting anything in your bloodstream, there’s always a risk. It’s the same with injectable SARMs. However, using them safely means this risk is obliterated. To use them safely, you must do 3 things. 

The first is using sterile needles. This one is applicable to all drugs that are injected. Sterilization means harmful pathogens are killed. If they stay on the surface of the needle, they will enter your body along with the injectable SARM. 

To sterilize needles, you can use boiling water, rubbing alcohol or fire. But out of the three, the first is strictly advised for injecting something in your body. The other two are a bad idea. 

To sterilize a needle with boiling water:

  • Disinfect your pot using hot water and disinfectant soap or liquid soap.
  • Bring the water to a temperature of at least 200°F or 93.3°C. 
  • Add the needle and let it boil for at least 30 minutes.
  • Disinfect any instrument to retrieve the needle from the water before taking the needle out.
  • Don’t let into contact with unsterilized surfaces like tissues. 

The second thing to ensure is to sterilize the surface on which you will be administering the drug. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the skin.

The third is to make sure the injectable SARMs you buy are unadulterated. You should always use modified SARMs made for injecting instead of using the liquid. For example, do not inject liquid Ostarine, use Ostalone.

Injectable SARMs vs Oral SARMs

Injectable SARMs have notable benefits over oral SARMs. One is regarding the higher bioavailability present. Bioavailability refers to the amount of absorption of the drug in your system. The higher the bioavailability, the more effects you see at a lower dose. This is usually because when taking SARMs orally, it goes through your stomach and liver. It can destroy some of the injected dose. Injectable SARMs also reduce the suppression of HDL cholesterol at your liver. The suppression of HDLc is one of the biggest concerns of using SARMs.

Intramuscular injections also ensure faster absorption. This gives injectable SARMs a benefit over oral ones. Theoretically, this should mean less side effects because you need less dosage to get the same effects.

Are Injectable SARMs safe

The legality of SARMs is where this impressive drug has a catch. The FDA has mentioned that these drugs have not been researched about completely and can lead to a variety of heart problems. Because of the limited research and unpublished trials, the effect due to long-term usage is also unknown.

Companies, in order to avoid legal action, market these products as ‘research chemicals’. A study, published in 2017, highlighted the shady tactics that these companies used. After buying and testing the SARMs, the following results became apparent: 

  • In 18 of the 44 products tested, the marketed label matched the compound.
  • In 26 of the 44 products, the amount of the component compounds were found different to what was printed on the label.
  •  In 17 of the 44 products, unapproved drugs were present.
  • In 11 of the 44 products, compounds present in the drug were not listed on the label.
  • In 4 of the 44 products, the active compound was not detected.
  • In 23 of the 44 products, there was at least one SARM. 

It’s obvious that the companies are concerned with profit more than the safety of their customers.

The side effects that injectable SARMs have are the same with oral SARMs. The only drugs currently tested on humans are ostarine, ligandrol, GSK2881078 and PF-06260414. Common side effects are testosterone suppression, an effect on lipids and liver toxicity for SARMs. But with injectable SARMs, liver toxicity is reduced due to skipping the first pass effect. The first pass effect is when the liver drastically reduces the potency of an administered drug. 

As with all SARMs, less common side effects start to pop up once the drug exceeds the dosage that has been tested. Another effect that hasn’t been seen in clinical trials yet is related to estrogen levels. The suppression of testosterone in long-term usage means there isn’t enough estrogen. Estrogen is used in various physiological processes. In short term usage, estrogen levels can rise. Although, nowhere to the effect of steroids.

Injectable SARMs for sale

Buying SARMs can be tricky. If you have a keen eye and can note various shortcomings of a site, you will be safe. If a site looks shady, it’s best to avoid it. Some can come with impurities and other toxic products that shouldn’t go in your body. When putting something in your body, you want to be 100% sure it is completely okay. 

If a site has a lab guarantee, that is a good sign. This means their SARMs are carefully tested. You can always request for documentation on their lab-guarantees if you are not sure. Some sites also offer a money-back guarantee too. Both are good indicators of a trustworthy site. 

 As with anything you buy online, look for reviews. Fake reviews that sound too good to be true definitely mean the site isn’t to be trusted. Search for the company on Google and see what the public has to say. Do not rely on their site, they can easily fake reviews there. 

Another to note is the price. If you see things that sound like it’s infinitely cheaper than the usual price of SARMs on reputed sites, it might be a scam. Places like Alibaba and eBay aren’t where you should be getting your injectable SARMs. Amazon might seem like a better choice, but you can still be tricked. Shipping SARMs from China is also thought of as a bad idea by a lot of users.

Something that can alter your body and goes through your bloodstream shouldn’t be negotiable in terms of price. In the best case scenario, you will have wasted your money and time. But in the worst case scenario? You might be one of the various horror stories on the internet. 

Instead of gambling with the possibility of ruining your body, it’s better to stick to a few reputed sites. They have money-back guarantees, international shipping and great reviews from different SARMs sites. The only problem is that sites like or Proven Peptides don’t sell injectable SARMs. As of now, the best choice is Swiss Chems. It offers both types of SARMs and is well known.

If you really want to order from a different seller, buy a small amount to test it first. This isn’t recommended because injectable SARMs have little research done on them- making it a big risk.


Injectable SARMs are recognized as better to take for the reasons we’ve discussed. If you’ve no aversion to needles, this might be a safer way- provided you inject safely! Remembering to order from trustworthy sites, being aware of your body and its changes and doing diligent research are all musts when thinking of taking muscle growth enhancers. 

SARMs, unfortunately, don’t have a lot of research to back them up. And injectable SARMs have even less research. You will have to rely on people who take them. Reddit is a good place to look for reviews on various SARMs and sites.

Whatever the case is, you should never continue if you start seeing undesirable effects on your physical or mental state. Never trade your health for more gains. And as always, be safe.  

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