Maxim Peptide Review | The Most Budget-Friendly SARMs Company?

Site-wide sales, BOGOs and promotions, Maxim Peptide does everything in their power to pander to their customers without bleeding them dry in the process.

This company is a US source that celebrated its second anniversary publicly in 2014, which would make them nine years old today.

Maxim Peptide SARMs review

Despite their obvious seniority, they are not that popular in the SARMs world. However, when it comes to peptides, it’s a completely different story.

Let’s take a closer look at this vendor in this Maxim Peptide review!


This site is unfortunately not tailored with SARMs in mind, as it spends most of its free space talking about their main product, peptides.

However, this doesn’t mean they are not featured at all, just that they are second to peptides.

The website itself is really pleasing to look at, the green and white background fits together nicely and isn’t pressuring your eyes.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the site-wide sale that promised 35% off with every purchase.

That’s what I call a sale! 

This is one of the biggest discounts I’ve ever seen a store do.

Lastly, all their links work as intended and you can browse most products in just a few clicks of a button.

Product Selection

Besides the aforementioned SARMs and peptides, Maxim Peptide also carries PCT supplements, hair loss products, dopamine agonists, synthetic hormones, measuring droppers and other research chemicals.

I’ll mostly focus on their PCT supplements and SARMs, as these two are the reason I’m doing this review in the first place.

After thoroughly examining their stock, I’ve come to realize they are missing S23, Ligandrol and SR9009.

This is not an issue, especially concerning Ligandrol, which is the property of a research company that takes copyright infringement seriously.

Their SARMs all come in liquid form and you get a dropper with every purchase. You can also buy droppers separately for a dollar, which I found to be very convenient.

Maxim Peptide has both Nolvadex and Clomid on sale, there is currently a promotion for both where if you buy two bottles, you get the third one completely for free!

They also have Raloxifene, which is less used but still a nice addition to their SERM stock.

I found no SARM stacks while browsing their inventory, which is good as they are so easy to botch, as we’ve seen many other companies do.


Maxim Peptide is one of the most economical choices for SARM enthusiasts.

The prices might seem high at first glance but when you account for all the discount codes and promotions, you get really great deals.

Take their RAD140 as an example, 300mgs of product will cost you less than 50$ (with their site-wide discount code).

On the other hand, a source like will set you back 60$ for the same amount of RAD140!

Enough said.

Quality Control

Here is where we encounter our first problem with this vendor. 

Despite them saying they carry the ‘highest-quality’ products, there is no evidence backing that claim up.

There simply are no lab reports for their SARMs, which is a real shame since the vendor has been doing really well in this review until now.

Have they just forgotten to post their lab results?

I have no idea but I urge anyone reading this to be careful, SARMs sources without quality control could mean trouble.

Shipping And Returns

This company offers free domestic shipping to the US on all orders over 99$. Compared to so many other vendors, this is a great deal!

Even if you don’t qualify for free shipping, the company’s shipping fees are some of the lowest on the market, ranging from just 5$ up to 20$.

International shipments are a bit pricier, up to 35$, which is considered quite good in this industry.

This just goes to show that this vendor isn’t marking up their shipping fees, unlike so many competitors.

Depending on what shipping option you choose, you will have to wait between 1 to 7 business days for your package to arrive. 

There could be delays, since the virus is making a mess right now, which is something we can’t blame the company for.

All orders placed before 12:00 PM (EST) ship on the same day, while orders placed after get shipped the next day.

If the order gets returned to the company, they will offer you a refund, after charging a 15% restocking fee.

Moreover, refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis.

If you want to return a product and have a legitimate reason, you have to contact the company and they will replace (not refund) the product and they will cover the shipping costs.

The company accepts eCheck and Bitcoin as their payment options.

All in all, a solid return and shipping policy.

Customer Reviews Online

The company has quite a number of reviews on eRoids, a site focused on supplements, including steroids.

People are very polarized when it comes to this vendor, some customers outright dismiss them as a bad source, others praise them for their great products.

It’s hard to pick a side, as both factions have decent arguments.

They do have a TrustPilot page with only one review, which can’t really be used as a measure of anything.

People on Reddit claim this source sells underdosed SARMs. However, those people could be the account of competitors spreading bad information.

Customer Support

Maxim Peptide can be reached via phone or their contact form, the company claims the latter is the fastest way to get to them.

I haven’t talked to any spokesperson from the company, so I can’t vouch for their customer support.

However, I’ve read some reviews saying the company responds promptly to queries and that they have decent customer support.


This vendor has the potential to become one of my favorite places to buy SARMs, if only they posted their lab reports publicly.

Maxim Peptide remains popular in the peptide community due to their huge storewide sales.

However, they are a relative non-factor in the SARMs world.

To conclude this Maxim Peptide review, this company could turn the tide with just a few lab reports and better promotion in the SARMs community.

Until that day, taking a look at my recommended companies is a good idea.

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