ACP-105 Review, Dosage, Results And More | December 2023

The one problem with Andarine is that it has this debilitating side effect of causing issues with your vision. While it might go away when Andarine is discontinued, it still scares bodybuilders, and many avoid taking it for exactly this reason.

Enter ACP-105, a SARM similar to Andarine in its effects, but without any reported side effects insofar in any studies performed on it.


We do have to have some skepticism towards the current data that exists on ACP-105, there are still no human trials and the research that does exist is very limiting.

Still, ACP-105 is a very interesting compound and the company behind it, Acadia, has high hopes for it, claiming that it could be as strong as Testosterone.

ACP-105 was also referred to as AC-264184 in earlier research and is not be confused with AC-262536.

What is ACP-105

Put simply, ACP-105 is a partial agonist of the androgen receptor and a SARM just like any other; current research on castrated rats has determined that it has quite potent anabolic activity (building muscle and bone tissue), while having minimal impact on prostate size.

These are good news as it differentiates ACP-105 from steroids and prohormones, who don’t enjoy such a high anabolic to androgenic ratio.

For example, ACP-105 has been purported to have an anabolic activity of 67%, and only 21% affecting the prostate (androgenic activity) in comparison to Testosterone.

From these figures, we can surmise the anabolic to androgenic activity of ACP-105 to be 3,19:1.

This is nothing to brag about, as most SARMs boast activities in these figures. For example, RAD 140 has the highest anabolic to androgenic ratio of 90:1.

This tells us that ACP-105 is nothing special, but at least it acts as a SARM in the body.

How Does It Work

We still don’t know how ACP-105 works in human beings, as there have been no human trials insofar.

However, studies on rats tell us that it works similarly to other SARMs; enjoying high affinity to the androgen receptor and binding to it, while ignoring other organs in the body.

This looks promising on paper, but until someone becomes a lab rat and shows us what really happens inside of a human when he takes ACP-105, one can only speculate.

ACP-105 Legal Status

ACP-105 is currently legal to possess and purchase everywhere in the world, even in Australia, but only for research purposes.

This might very well change in the future, and especially in Australia, as the TGA is hell-bent on getting SARMs out of the market.

ACP-105 Benefits

Here is where things get interesting; a study done on rats had them undergo a rotarod performance test.

Such tests measure speed, balance, strength, endurance and coordination, all in one.

Coincidentally, that’s exactly what bodybuilders are after and that’s why this study is so intriguing to me.

Rats exposed to radiation were put on the platform, which increased in speed every fifteen seconds and their reactions were measured, as well as how long they could stay on the rotating rod.

ACP-105 has been shown to significantly reduce neurological damage offset by the radiation. It also kept the mice performing at their former level (before exposure to radiation) much longer.

While this doesn’t tell us exactly if ACP-105 benefits all the items I’ve listed above, it is more than promising; but more studies need to be done to confirm these findings.

Besides that, ACP-105 has also been shown to increase cognition in mice, which means that it could also potentially serve as a nootropic.

Researchers are still speculating whether it could boost cognition in normal, untampered mice.

The biggest increase was experienced in relation to spatial memory, but scientists are still unsure if this effect translates onto humans.

Other than that, I can’t really tell you whether it has the same benefits as Andarine, there has only been one YouTuber that has actually tried the compound and he claims that the benefits he experienced were similar to those of Andarine.

Whether you trust him or not is up to you, but I can’t really offer you any other proof as there simply isn’t any.

ACP-105 Dosage, Cycle Length And Half Life

Studies revealed that ACP-105 has a half-life of just six hours, which means that we’ll have to dose it at least two to three times a day to experience maximum benefits.

Regarding dosage, researchers used 1mg per kg of body weight, which translates to around 11mgs per day for a male weighing 175 pounds.

Given that the average male has around 200 pounds and that the average bodybuilder boasts even more, a dosage of around 15 to 25mgs a day should be appropriate.

Please note that this is all speculation and that there are no sources vetting these numbers.

If you’re really going to take ACP-105, don’t cycle it for longer than eight weeks.

ACP-105 Side Effects

Insofar, no side effects were noted in the rats that imbued ACP-105.

As there are no human trials, I have no idea if ACP-105 induces side effects In humans.

Current studies on rats may be promising, but until a human takes the SARM himself, you better be on your toes.

Does ACP-105 Require PCT

Since ACP-105 is a partial agonist, it is not nearly as suppressive as a full agonist, like Ligandrol.

Technically, this puts ACP-105 into the ranks of Ostarine and Andarine in terms of suppression.

If you stick to minimal dosages and cycle lengths, you should not need any PCT for ACP-105.

Where to Buy ACP-105

As you can imagine, a SARM that is relatively unknown is hard to come by.

Luckily for us, a legit vendor by the name of carries it and prices it quite fairly: 30mls of liquid ACP-105 will cost you $59.99.

The powder is a bit more budget friendly, with 1000mgs setting you back only $49.99.


To conclude, ACP-105 sounds a bit underwhelming, even on paper.

The bodybuilding world was ready for a SARM that could give them the strength of YK11 while being as suppressive as Ostarine.

That time has not come yet.

ACP-105 doesn’t seem like such a bad compound; the main problem is, it’s nothing special.

At best, it’s a better version of Andarine.

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