Swole AF Labs Review – A Good European SARMs Source?

I was surprised when I realized Swole AF is actually an entire brand, which sells not only SARMs, but also peptides, TRT and other dietary supplements.

Each product has its own website, SARMs and the other goods I mentioned are separated, so there is no confusion.

The SARM and peptide stores are registered in the UK, but their main website, Swole AF, is an actual physical store in California, which gives them some legitimacy.

Swole AF Labs SARMs review

In this Swole AF Labs review, I’m going to be focusing my energies on SAF-research, their SARMs website.

We’ll take a look at their products, scrutinize them, see if their reviews are any good and so much more!


It’s painfully obvious to anyone entering their site that it’s still in construction.

Swole AF might not be that new to the market, but their SARMs website is lacking in a lot of crucial information.

The first thing I noticed was their summer sale, where you buy 1 and get 2 for free. 

It sounds a bit too good to be true, but you will see why they have such deals in the ‘Pricing’ section.

The website itself is pleasing to the eye, a standard mixture of black on white.

All the links work properly, but some pages are still empty or in construction, so there is not that much information about them available.

A good thing is that they have all of their products displayed on the front page, so you can easily browse and order in a matter of seconds.

Product Selection

Swole AF sells a lot of products on their SARMs website, such as nootropics, T-bases, on-cycle support, natural PCT supplements and they even have RU-58841, which is a hair-loss product.

I would stay away from natural PCT supplements.

My stance on them is quite clear, they simply don’t work.

The other products are fine.

I especially like the on-cycle support, since it contains milk thistle, hawthorn berry and saw palmetto, which are compounds known for being beneficial to the body.

They have all the popular SARMs and compounds related to SARMs in stock, except for Ligandrol, most likely due to copyright issues.

Swole AF only sells capsules, which is a good thing for people new to SARMs, as it’s hard to botch anything.

They don’t seem to have any reviews of their products, which is weird, but understandable, since their website is still new.

They have categorized their products according to the experience level of their consumers.

There are three categories in total: Beginner, intermediate and advanced.

I’m not a huge fan of their stacks, they blend a lot of suppressive SARMs together and that can be quite dangerous, as the Testosterone suppression experienced would be quite heavy.


The products of Swole AF Labs are quite expensive.

As an example, a bottle containing 60 capsules of Ostarine will set you back 100$, which is unheard of.

However, they have a lot of ongoing promotions, one of them in the ‘buy 1 get 2’ stunt, which is quite good in my book.

The burning question is whether their prices are justified, as I wouldn’t mind paying more to get what I’m after.

We’ll discuss this in the next chapter.

Quality Control

Swole AF Labs uses S&N Labs to conduct their testing, just like Chemyo, which is one of my recommended sources.

S&N Labs are a very popular option for SARMs vendors, as they are reliable and get the job done.

The lab results of their products are a bit outdated, most are dating back to 2020, which is quite a lot of time in the world of SARMs.

Also, their lab results aren’t as detailed like the ones I found on Chemyo, which is not a good sign.

I haven’t personally tested their products, so I can’t vouch for their efficacy.

Shipping And Returns

Their shipping policy page contains just one sentence, telling us that all products are shipped out within one business day.

This is what I meant when I said the site is still in construction – it’s missing a lot of crucial information essential to customers.

I hope that in the future, Swole AF Labs will update their site and finish developing it.

As of now, they aren’t instilling that much confidence in new customers.

I tried to snoop around Reddit and other bodybuilding forums to learn a bit more about how much it takes, on average, for packages to arrive, but didn’t find anything useful.

They do have a refund policy, which is albeit short, but at least it’s there.

You have thirty days to return your item from the date of purchase, but it has to be in its original packaging, unopened and untampered with.

This company accepts all the major credit cards, Bitcoin (you’ll have to contact them for this option), Zelle and Afterpay.

I especially like the latter, as it allows you to pay in installments. It’s a good option if you’re currently in a cash crunch.

Customer Reviews Online

Swole AF Labs has a Facebook page with over 45000 people following them. They also have a lot of positive reviews about them on their page.

At first glance, one would think that this company is one of the best ones around, but upon further inspection, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reviews and likes are fake.

They have between 2 to 10 likes on average on their posts – that would simply be impossible with such a large following if they were legitimate.

Moreover, the reviews are all overwhelmingly positive and not one had anything bad to say about the company.

That’s very unusual, as even the best companies around get a few bad apples here and there.

There is nothing much to say about this, this vendor simply faked their reviews and they get a lot of negative points for that.

On places like Reddit, the reviews are more in tune with reality.

Some people praise them for their products, others make fun of their name and their marketing techniques.

Swole AF Labs does have a Reddit account, and they have answered some of the accusations, but to be fair, they are largely inactive.

Customer Support

I haven’t contacted Swole AF Labs personally, so I can’t vouch for their customer support.

However, some people on Reddit and other bodybuilding forums have complained about being ghosted by them after inquiring about their orders.

That’s not good business practice and I hope that it changes in the future, when the company is more established.

You can contact the vendor through email or phone, they are available from 7am to 9:30pm PST on weekdays and from 7:30am to 8:30pm on weekends.

They are also quite active on Facebook and you shouldn’t have a problem reaching them there.


This company is still in the making, so I have to give them some breathing room, but there are some glaring issues that simply can’t be unseen.

One of them are the fake Facebook reviews and likes, which really give the company a bad reputation.

Also, their SARM stacks are a bit weird to say the least, they mix three to four suppressive SARMs at once, and that’s quite unsafe.

To sum up this Swole AF Labs review, I simply can’t recommend this company to my readers as of now, but we’ll see what the future brings.

I will keep a close watch.

If you’re looking to buy SARMs, avoid Swole AF Labs for now, and check out my recommended sources.

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