Southern SARMs Review | Why I Don’t Buy My SARMs From Them

I’ve spent around an hour scouring their website, and to my disappointment, this SARM supplier didn’t impress me all that much.

Quite on the contrary, a sense of revulsion befell me, and I had to leave the website in order to save myself from the inevitable nerve pain that would ensue.

I will explain why shortly, but let’s first introduce the SARM vendor and see what the company is all about.

Southern SARMs review

Southern SARMs claims to be a US vendor that manufactures all of its SARMs in the US. The latter part of this sentence simply cannot be true for several reasons, I delved further into that in this article

To summarize for those that don’t have time to jump between articles, the licenses for manufacturing SARMs would be close to impossible to obtain in the US, and I doubt that Southern SARMs is an exception. 

One can conclude that this is nothing but a marketing ploy, and I like to call that out for what it is – insincere marketing.


Their website is simple enough and you can jump around from place to place without exerting much effort. 

Southern SARMs seem to lack a real physical address (I wonder where those SARMs are being manufactured) and instead they have a PO box where you can send them stuff.

I have to give them some credit as they do have a phone number and email address, but one has to go to the ‘Contact Us’ section to obtain that information. It would be a lot more convenient to have that information displayed on the front page, Proven Peptides being an example of successfully doing that.

They seem to put a lot of emphasis on the purity of their SARMs, but after frantically searching for lab results, I couldn’t even find a simple CoA (Certificate of Analysis), not even from China – where these vendors usually get them from.

All in all, their website seems a bit old school and not much thought went into the design.

I actually like the simplistic layout, but it’s what’s on the website that counts, and so far, it has been nothing but lies and misinformation.

Product Selection

Here is a big red flag, the company only seems to be selling some SARMs and they enjoy lumping PPAR delta agonists like Cardarine and GH secretagogues like Ibutamoren under the same umbrella as SARMs.

They are also selling AICAR and label it as a SARM, which it simply is not. 

That just shows how misinformed the company is and how little they care about factual information. 

The SARMs they do have are RAD 140, ACP-105, S23, S4 and YK11. 

It is no wonder they don’t have Ligandrol among their ranks, since copyright issues are preventing vendors from selling it under the names ‘LGD-4033’ or ‘Ligandrol’.

Any honest company would simply state that fact and move on, but Southern SARMs had another idea.

They would simply lie to their customer base, claiming that RAD 140 is a vastly superior SARM to LGD-4033, which is just plain bull. I was in disbelief while reading this and if you’re interested in checking it out yourself, you can do so in their FAQ section!

Anyone that has been using SARMs knows that LGD-4033 and RAD 140 are similar SARMs in their effects and while they might affect people differently, they are almost identical in their mode of action.

I won’t delve into why they don’t have Ostarine among their ranks, it reminded me of another company I reviewed, SARMsPharm, and I remember going on a lengthy rant about their lack of Ostarine, which I won’t be doing in this article.

They do have quite a few SERMs to offer, among them the popular Nolvadex and Clomid, but I would be leery buying from them, since they are dishonest with their customers.

All in all, their product selection left me wanting, and I cannot fathom why a company would lie to their customer base instead of laying out the cold, hard truth.

Southern SARMs have a lot to learn from a company such as, who were actually the reason I found out about the copyright issues in the first place.


As expected, Southern SARMs price their SARMs below market value. 

Without any lab results or other type of testing backing them up, it comes as no surprise to me that the company is trying their hardest to find a way to sell their SARMs.

You don’t have to search for a coupon too long, as you get 15% off on your RAD 140 purchase by using the code RADFIRE.

You can probably get even more of a discount by providing the company with your email address, but I wasn’t feeling confident enough for that endeavor, so I will leave it up to you if you’re intrepid enough.

Quality Control

I have really tried my best to find some lab results or any paper resembling proof that their SARMs have undergone some type of testing, but to no avail.

I was left disappointed, even though Southern SARMs claim to sell the best SARMs out there with at least 99,5% purity rates.

The latter is obviously another lie, even the best vendors on the market, such as or Proven Peptides don’t have these kinds of purity rates in their arsenal. 

It’s just another failed attempt of the company trying to manipulate you into buying their bunk.

While an experienced SARM user sees through that charade, how would a newbie to SARMs react to such an aggressive marketing technique?

This is the type of stuff that bothers me and is the primary reason why I’m writing this article in the first place.

Shipping and Returns

According to their FAQ section, one needs to order 200$ or more worth of product in order to be eligible for free shipping, which is quite a lot. 

Most companies stationed in the US allow some leeway for US orders, but Southern SARMs is not one of those companies.

Orders are shipped through USPS first class if you’re buying from the US and take between two to five business days to arrive at their destination.

However, if you’re ordering from outside the US, expect to wait up to 21 days for your package to arrive.

I have a bone to pick with this company regarding their returns policy, which is non-existent.

They don’t provide a refund in case things go wrong and according to their website; all sales are final.

Although the company does promise to send in another parcel free of charge if the package is damaged during transit.

If you don’t like their SARMs, you can just go screw yourself as there is essentially no buyer protection which is always a bad sign.

I tend to avoid businesses like this and urge you to do the same.

When it comes to the payment methods available, they accept all the major credit cards, Bitcoin and bank cheques.

Nothing to add here, at least this section looks solid.

Customer Support

You can reach the company in a myriad of ways, but the problem is that they are mostly unavailable.

Calls are only accepted between 2pm to 5pm, EST and they only answer emails between 10am to 4pm, EST.

This tells us a lot about the company, mainly that they don’t wish to expend that many resources in order to keep their customer base happy.

For things to go smoothly during the entire process of someone buying SARMs from you, one either needs an excellent FAQ page or a readily available customer service.

This company seems to be lacking both of them.


Southern SARMs don’t seem to be all that popular of a vendor and there are a couple of good reasons for that.

First of all, they don’t know the difference between SARMs, and compounds commonly used with SARMs.

Secondly, they are straight up lying to their customer base in instances where there shouldn’t be any tongue-in-cheek statements such as ‘RAD 140 is better than LGD-4033’.

Thirdly, they have no quality control and they fail to provide us with any lab results. We’re just supposed to take their claim of 99,5% purity at face value.

Finally, their customer support leaves people wanting and is simply not adequate for the type of business the company is conducting.

I would take my business elsewhere and you should too, as there are a couple of options available that will simply blow your mind!

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