SARMs Military Drug Test | Can You Get Caught For SARMs In The Military

In this article, we will go over the military drug test for SARMs. We will go over if SARMs are detected by a military drug test, how often does military test for SARMs, how to avoid getting tested and how to not get caught for SARMs on a military drug test.

We will also go over some statements on this topic from the people in the military who actively use SARMs.

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Are SARMs detected on a military drug test

Short answer, yes, some specific military drug tests can detect SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) in your body. Let’s get deeper into that and go over when/under what circumstances can SARMs be detected.

IMPORTANT: A normal military drug test, however, won’t detect SARMs. Only a drug test that is specifically meant for detecting SARMs will be able to detect them.

So now we cleared up that a normal military drug test won’t actually detect SARMs, but a specific test that is meant for detecting SARMs will detect them. Let’s go over when does the specific military drug test detect Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators in your body.

To better answer this, we have to know how long SARMs stay in your system. After SARMs are out of your system, they won’t get detected by the specific test.

Almost all SARMs, with the exception of S4 and S23, have a half-life of 24 hours. This means that it takes about 10 days of not taking them for them to go out of your body. S4 and S23, however, only take about 5 days of not taking them to get “flushed” out of your system.

To summarize, most SARMs will get detected by a specific military drug test if you have taken them frequently in the past 10 days. Obviously, they won’t get detected if you only took one dosage of Ostarine for example. It usually takes about 3 days of taking SARMs for their levels to go up high enough so that they can get detected on a specific military drug test.

Keep in mind, however, that a normal military drug test 100% won’t detect SARMs.

Let’s go over how often does the military use specific military drug tests to test for SARMs.

How often does military test for SARMs

The military very rarely tests for the usage of SARMs. You would have to be very obvious with your SARM usage. Your CO would have to write a naval letter to the drug testing agency requesting his/her urinalysis be tested for steroids/SARMs.

In other words, keep it lowkey and you will 100% be fine. The military doesn’t test for SARMs unless they have solid suspicion because it’s a specific test.

Another thing worth noting is that testing for SARMs obviously costs extra money. If you are in a unit where they don’t often waste money on things like that, they most likely won’t even test you if even if you are obvious, unless, of course, someone in your command is a bi*ch. The drug test that is meant for detecting SARMs costs 300$.

Let’s go over some statements about this topic from people in the military that use SARMs.

People in the military who took SARMs

Here are some statements on the SARMs military drug test from people in the Military. We gathered these statements from social media.

Person #1

His statement:

” I am on drill status right now, and I get random UA’d on occasion, I ain’t ever popped hot, it’s a specific test, so just don’t let anyone know you are taking anything gnarly and you should be good, just about what everyone else said. “

Person #2

His statement:

” Active navy here. Second year of sarms. Plenty of tests passed 👍 also, I can only attest to navy policy, but it’s very unusual to get tested for anything outside normal scope. I work with plenty of very strong guys- we had a shop contest to pick up the back of the duty truck. They won’t usually want a full panel unless there’s a mishap where drugs are suspected. “

Person #3

His statement:

” Currently in the military right now, Sarms will not pop hot for a normal UA from my knowledge. They have to specially test for steroids or other substances, (sarms), which cost over $300 and the military doesn’t want to waste money on that. I’m pretty sure only the CO can authorize a piss test like that, but only under reasonable cause. Just be smart about it. “

How to avoid getting caught for SARMs

Now that we have covered how often military tests for SARMs (very rarely), let’s go over how to avoid getting tested for them in case you are about to be tested.

The easiest way to avoid getting caught, if you know you are going to be tested is to not take SARMs for the next 10 days. That’s literally all it takes to not get caught on the specific SARM test, but as we said, these tests are very rare.


In conclusion, SARMs will get detected on a specific military drug test if you have taken at least three dosages of them in the past 10 days. They won’t, however, get detected by a normal military drug test.

So the only way, that you could get caught for SARMs is if they have some clear suspicions of you doing SARMs and thy order a specific SARM military drug test. But this is very rare. There are a lot of people in the military who actively use SARMs and they never get caught. This is because specific tests are extremely rare and the normal military drug test doesn’t detect SARMs.

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