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In countries like Ireland where the legality of SARMs isn’t well-known, it’s a little hard to be sure if you can dabble in them- especially since information about SARMs isn’t readily available. In this article, we’ll answer these questions:

  •       Are SARMs legal in Ireland?
  •       Where can you buy SARMs in Ireland?

·       What’s the history of Muscle Growth Enhancers and SARMs in Ireland?

SARMs Ireland

Just to be clear, Ireland and Northern Ireland are separate entities. The former is a country, and the latter is a part of the UK. To figure out if SARMs are legal in Northern Ireland, you can refer to our article about the legality of SARMs in the UK.

History of Muscle Growth Enhancers and SARMs in Ireland

A study conducted by the Health Products Regulatory Authority found out:

  •       1 in 10 adults would seriously consider taking steroids to increase their physical performance or muscle growth and it increased to 1 in every 5 for the age group 18-34.
  •       More than 1 in 4 of the population know someone that has taken unprescribed steroids.
  •       Nearly half of the adults taking part in this study claimed not to know the side effects of anabolic steroids.
  •       1 out of 5 know that steroids can cause heart problems but only 8% know of mood swings, 7% know of aggression and 4% know of liver damage as side effects.
  •       1 in 5 of people in the age group of 25-34 claim they wouldn’t be phased if someone close to them started taking steroids.

Similarly, the number of imported steroids and other illegal medicines are staggeringly high.  The HPRA has listed various posts on their site detailing the number of anabolic steroids they confiscated upon importing. To give you an idea of how much- 2017 had 449,411 units.

What you can take away from this is that there must also be many using SARMs in Ireland. People can find out about them, just like you have, and try their hand at it too.

Are SARMs Legal in Ireland?

As detailed in this post, SARMs are legal everywhere except Australia.

However, some people report that your drugs can be confiscated while importing, but the validity of this statement hasn’t been established. There are a lot of SARMs suppliers in Ireland, making it easier to get. Whether this is a good choice or not, we will explore later in this article.

One important thing to note, however, is that there is a service contract between the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the State Laboratory. The purpose of the contract is to analyze food items to see if they’re safe for the public.

In the contract, it is explicitly stated that there might be a request to look for unauthorized substances in food supplements. In the given list, the following appear:

  •       Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS)
  •       Products containing Anabolic Agents
  •       SARMs
  •       Other anabolic agents marked as SARMs

This gives us an insight into what the future of SARMs in Ireland might be like. This contract was developed in 2019, meaning there could be a ban on supplements containing SARMs. Ireland, as of now, has no law in place banning SARMs.

Where to buy SARMs in Ireland

When you’ve decided to buy SARMs in Ireland, it comes down to two things. Quality and ease of delivery. There are a number of Irish companies claiming to sell SARMs.

A few examples are Reinforced, Health-Plus and AOB Nutrition.

When you search for SARMs on Health-Plus, you get a result that leads you to a blank page. As for AOB Nutrition, it leads you to one product called Muscle Rage Regenerate PCT. We do not know how trustworthy these companies are and how much quality their products have. However, an obvious fact is that there isn’t much of a selection. You will not get a range of products.

As for Reinforced, their site hosts a variety of supplements, many of them being SARMs. We haven’t ordered from this company either, so we can’t say how their service or products are. But, as they’ve mentioned on their page, they are unsure if they’ll restock any time soon. Reinforced briefly mentioned that the manufacturing and distribution of SARMs will be banned in January 2020. However, it has not been banned yet, as we’ve explained.

Regardless of the legality, they mention that the following products will be discontinued:

  •       Osta Rage
  •       Cardarine
  •       MK–47
  •       LGD Extreme
  •       Quad
  •       The Ultimate
  •       Carda–Rage

If you are looking to buy SARMs, you might have better luck with a reputed supplier, even if they aren’t in Ireland.

The best company we can suggest is Science.Bio. A look at their polished site and the various reviews online proves that they are one of the best—if not the best—suppliers. They have a whole webpage dedicated to explaining you their quality control, claim they will give you refunds and have great customer service. They also have a huge selection of SARMs to choose from.

If you decide to buy from them, you can go to this page to avail a discount. We’ve even discussed how you can buy products on their site.


Ireland, much like the rest of the world, is beginning to disapprove of SARMs. You must be on the lookout for new information regarding SARMs in Ireland, especially their legality. As always, do your own research before you commit to muscle enhancers.

If something seems off, trust your gut. Nothing is more important than your safety, so always prioritize yourself over potential muscle gain.

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