The Three Best SARMs Cutting Stacks + Results You Can Expect

Losing weight is one of the most challenging tasks in bodybuilding

In this article, we’ll introduce you to three SARMs cutting stacks that can make losing the extra few pounds and fat a lot easier.

Before starting, keep in mind that your exercise routines, as well as your diet are the two most important things when it comes to fat loss.

Best SARMs Cutting Stack

Consider SARMs and compounds related to them as supplements, they aren’t pills that will magically turn your life around. 

However, they do speed things up significantly and help you reach your fitness goals a lot faster.

Ensure that you have reached your natural potential before considering any of the three SARMs stacks presented below.

Stack #1 – Ostarine + Cardarine

While Cardarine isn’t a SARM, but a PPAR-delta agonist, we’ll still include it in the article since this stack is not only popular, but quite effective.

Here is a table representing what a typical stack for a male bodybuilder should look like:

Eight weeks is the perfect timeframe for one cycle, it won’t harm your body and you most likely won’t even need PCT.

A small minority of people that imbue Ostarine at 15mgs per day do experience suppression despite the low amount used. The best advice for them is to lower their dosage progressively, first to 10mgs per day and if necessary, to 5mgs per day.

Results You Can Expect

This is one of the best, if not the best, SARMs cutting stacks and it’s no surprise that, on average, people lose up to 10% of their total body fat in just one eight-week cycle.

Not only that, but you will keep all of your accrued muscle, as the muscle-preserving properties of Ostarine are quite pronounced.

Bodybuilders also lose a ton of weight on this stack, some up to 15 pounds (!), but the average is somewhere around seven to ten pounds.

During the cycle, you will notice your agility and endurance drastically increase. That’s because Cardarine works wonders on the oxygen capacity of our muscles and it even switches our energy source from glucose to fat.

This ensures that you’ll be burning more fat than even before while feeling invincible in the gym.

I’ve heard stories of people running ten miles a day with the help of Cardarine. While this is not such an impressive feat by itself, consider the fact that most of these people couldn’t even finish a three-mile run before they took on Cardarine.

Let’s not forget Ostarine in this stack, which will propel your strength to new levels and also bestow you with some lean muscle mass. It also helps protect your joints and muscles against too much stress and strain, as its healing properties are well-known in the industry.

This is the reason why Ostarine and Cardarine enjoy so much synergy and why they are one of the best SARMs cutting stacks on the market right now.

Stack #2 – Ostarine + SR9009

Ostarine is one of the best cutting agents around and with the helping hand of Stenabolic, you will propel yourself to the next level.

Once again, Stenabolic isn’t a SARM, but a Rev-ErbA ligand, but it’s so good in a stack with Ostarine that we just had to include it!

Here is a table with more information:

As in the previous example, eight weeks are more than enough for one cycle and the entire experience doesn’t strain the body too much. Keep in mind that SR9009 only has a half-life of four to six hours, so it’s best to dose it three times a day in 10mg increments.

I usually take 10mgs of Ostarine and 10mgs of Stenabolic in the morning and proceed to take the rest of the Stenabolic before and after the gym, respectively.

It’s best to avoid taking it too late into the night, as some people have reported issues with excessive wakefulness.

10mgs of Ostarine per day won’t suppress you and PCT will likely not be necessary.

Results You Can Expect

This SARMs cutting stack never disappoints and the results speak for themselves.

On average, a person imbuing this stack loses around 6 to 8% of their total body fat and around 8 to 9 pounds of fat.

These are just averages and there are deviations from the trends above.

The great thing about having Ostarine in your cutting stack is the fact that you’ll preserve all of your muscle. It’s simply so good at that job that some people even manage to put on lean mass while they are losing fat and weight!

Stenabolic has another moniker, they call it ‘exercise in a bottle’, and believe me, it’s for a good reason.

The increase in speed and endurance this compound bestows you with is just insane, and you’ll see yourself fly on the treadmill.

Combined together, these two compounds have similar synergy just like Ostarine and Cardarine.

The Ostarine helps protect your joints and muscles from overwork, while Stenabolic gives you the means to best yourself during exercise.

Stack #3 – Ostarine + Cardarine + Stenabolic

This is a stack for bodybuilders that already did a few cutting cycles with the two stacks above and are looking to spice things up.

The combination of these three compounds is becoming increasingly popular for reasons that will be revealed shortly.

But first, let’s take a closer look at the table below to acquaint ourselves with the proper dosages and cycle length.

As in our last example, Stenabolic is taken three times per day to combat its poor half-life.

Also, taking it sublingually might help with its bioavailability since more of the compound is absorbed into the bloodstream.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need a PCT with this stack, however, to be on the safe side, it’s suggested that you have some Nolvadex on hand.

Results You Can Expect

You will burn a lot of fat with this SARMs cutting stack. There aren’t many records of people taking this stack, but from my experience, you will lose at least ten to fifteen pounds of fat and around 10% of your total body fat.

And these are just the average results, if you push yourself just a bit harder, your results could be even better.

Don’t worry about stressed joints or sore muscles, Ostarine is there to take care of things.

With the addition of two endurance-enhancing compounds, your training sessions should double in length.

A good friend of mine who took this stack told me that even after three hours of toiling at the gym, he still didn’t want to stop.

Obviously, you have to put an end to it, as Ostarine won’t protect you from muscle fractures.

Finding a middle ground is important, both in bodybuilding and in life.

A cardinal rule I have with this stack is simple: I don’t train more than three hours at a time.

This simple rule has served me well, and I didn’t experience any issues with injuries.

Side Effects

Here are some of the most common side effects reported on the three SARMs cutting stacks above:

Mild Suppression

It’s from nothing else but the Ostarine, which is an essential part of each stack.

Contrary to popular belief, Ostarine isn’t as mild as it’s purported to be, so you have to still be careful.

The best remedy for the mild suppression caused by Ostarine is to lower your dosage until you feel the suppression subsiding.

Mild Nausea

The nausea can be especially pronounced during the first week, while your body is still getting used to the substances you’re imbuing.

However, it’s no cause for concern and a large majority of bodybuilders don’t even experience any nausea in the first place.


This is very rare, and if we had to name a culprit, it would have to be Stenabolic. This substance causes wakefulness and if not properly utilized (imbued after 5pm), insomnia can become a very real concern.

Just don’t take your stack too late at night and you shouldn’t experience any problems.


Some people reading this will be surprised at the lack of real SARMs in our stacks.

The fact of the matter is, except for Andarine and Ostarine, other SARMs aren’t really that good as cutting agents.

Sure, you can still use them for that purpose, but nothing trumps the two SARMs mentioned above.

Also, the reason why we aren’t mixing two SARMs together in a cutting stack (for example: Ostarine and Andarine) is because of the almost guaranteed suppression you would experience.

You would have to do PCT in that case which comes with its own side effects…

All in all, it’s important to remember that maintaining a strict caloric deficit and regular exercise routines are quintessential to your success.

The SARMs cutting stacks presented in this article will help you to a degree, but diet and exercise still remain the number one factor determining your long-term success!

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