RAD 140 VS RAD 150 | Which One Is More Rad?

The newest SARM on the market, RAD 150, has just hit the shelves and people are going wild.

There are stories circulating how RAD 150 is a game changer and how it could even make RAD 140 obsolete.

RAD 140 vs RAD 150

What’s all the hype about and who is better in the comparison between RAD140 vs RAD150?

That’s what I’m about to tell you today!

What is RAD140

RAD 140, also known as Testolone, is a popular SARM known for producing the best dry gains in the industry.

Just like all the other SARMs, it selectively targets androgen receptors, which leads to less side effects and less problems down the road.

It increases muscle mass and induces fat loss at a very rapid rate, it’s also considered one of the stronger SARMs out there, requiring PCT.

For more information about Testolone, read our in-depth RAD 140 review.

What is RAD150

To keep it short and simple, RAD150 is actually an iteration of RAD140, with an added ester to the compound in a process called esterification.

That’s about it, that’s all the difference between these two compounds.

Now the question is, how well does the added ester improve RAD140 and does it improve it at all?

RAD 140 VS RAD 150 - Research

We don’t know anything about RAD 150.

The sad truth is, there hasn’t been much research done on RAD 140 either, but RAD 150 is a complete mystery to us.

This poses an obvious problem; everything written about RAD 150 is not verifiable since it’s not backed by research.

However, I’ll try my best to present current anecdotal reports and update the article when more information about the compound becomes available.

RAD 140 VS RAD 150 - Results

RAD 150 seems to be a bit stronger than RAD 140, not by too much, just enough to notice a difference. 

After speaking with several people that have tried RAD 150, I would say that RAD 150 is about 10-15% more effective (on average) when compared to RAD 140.

For examples of results that you can expect with Testolone, check out our list of RAD 140 before and after results.

RAD 140 VS RAD 150 - Side Effects

The side effects of RAD 150 are more pronounced, users report more hair shedding and higher aggression.

One person whom I’ve had a chat with even compared RAD 150 to YK11 in terms of both suppressiveness and other side effects.

RAD 140 VS RAD 150 - Dosage

Since RAD 150 is a bit stronger than RAD 140, I would recommend going with 5mgs per day, if you really want to try out RAD 150.

To be perfectly fair, you should be patient and wait for some research to come out before trying RAD 150.

I will personally not take it until at least some light is shone on how it really works and what its proposed mechanism is.

With Testolone, a normal dosage is about 10mg per day. However, we highly recommend you to read our RAD 140 dosage guide for more information about this.

RAD 140 VS RAD 150 - Half-Life

The purported half-life of RAD 150 is unknown, while newest research shows that RAD 140 has a half-life of 60 hours.

This makes it very difficult to determine who has an edge here but to keep things safe, I wouldn’t take RAD 150 more than once per day.

RAD 140 VS RAD 150 - Taste

People that have tried both RAD 140 and RAD 150 report the latter actually having better taste than the former.

This shouldn’t matter much but it is known that adding an ester can help with flavor.


I personally can’t recommend RAD 150, even though it is, by all accounts, the stronger compound.

It’s still too new and we don’t know anything about the extent of its side effects, much less the long term effects of this compound.

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