My 12 Week MK 677 Log – Awesome Results

In this article, I will go over my experience with my 12-week MK 677 cycle. This is includes the log of my cycle, my opinion and results.

My constant dose of MK-677 was 12.5mg a day. I took the dose before bed.

Keep in mind that this is only a log of my MK 677 cycle, if you want more information about this compound, read my in-depth MK 677 review.

MK 677 log

Before we go over my log, let’s do a quick recap of what MK 677 is so that we can better understand my results.

MK 677 summary

MK-677 also known as Ibutamoren is frequently mistaken as a SARM but it’s actually a growth hormone secretagogue. 

It primarily increases the production of IGF-1 and growth hormone without affecting cortisol levels. Investigations are currently underway into the use of MK-677 for use in growth hormone deficient children. 

The MK 677 benefits are:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased strength
  • Lower body fat
  • Increased hair and skin quality as well as increased hair and nail growth
  • Increased quality of sleep

The side effects of MK 677 are:

  • Headaches
  • Increased blood pressure (rare)
  • Possible diabetes (very, very rare, it could only happen if taken for multiple years)
  • Increased hunger

Now, let’s go over my 12-week cycle.

Week 1-2

In the first two weeks of the cycle, my body weight increased from 76kg to 78kg. 

At first, especially in the first week, I felt an increased hunger which subsided during the second week. Occasionally, there would be an increase in resting heart rate and increased sensitivity to heat. 

The main thing that I noticed in the first two weeks was a big improvement in my sleep quality. I was fully rested even after only 6 hours of sleep. Muscle growth is already somewhat visible.

Week 3-4

In the third and fourth week, my weight dropped from 78kg to 77kg. The hunger, which started to subside towards the end of last week, subsided even more in the third and I no longer felt increased hunger in the fourth week.

The quality of sleep was good. Hair and nails started to grow a lot faster and I also felt like my hair got thicker. At the end of the fourth week, I noticed a slighty better body recomposition – increased definiton, and increased muscle mass compared to the beginning of the cycle.

Week 5-6

In the fifth and sixth week of my MK-677 cycle, my body weight increased from 77kg to 79kg. Increased hunger could no longer be felt.

The quality of sleep and skin was good. Again, an increase in muscle mass is also noticeable.

Week 7-8

In the seventh and eigth week, my body weight increased a bit at the beginning and then stabilized at 80kg. Skin and sleep quality have improved.

My weight wasn’t changing much but my fat to muscle ratio was improving.

Week 9-10

In the ninth and tenth week, my weight rose from 80kg to 81kg. Hunger still occurred occasionally, but the onset of hunger was very mild.

The quality of sleep has improved. If I compare the quality of sleep after the tenth week to the quality of sleep before the cycle, I find that 6 hours of sleep now works for me like 9 hours of sleep before the start of the cycle. Muscle growth in this two-week period was a lot more noticeable than in the weeks prior.

Week 11-12

In the last two weeks, my body weight has increased a bit more, from 81kg after the tenth week to 82kg after the end of the cycle.

The quality of the skin, hair and nails was great. My skin and hair was glowing. Muscle growth was also very noticeable, especially when compared to my pictures from the start of the cycle. I didn’t gain that much weight but my fat to muscle ratio improved nicely.

Conclusion and my opinion

Summarizing my cycle of taking MK-677, I find that with very few or side effects, I have gained a lot of muscle mass. In fact, the only side effect that I experience was an increase in hunger and even that subsided after the first few weeks.

I also noticed that my sleep was a lot better as well as nails, skin and hair., better sleep, and better skin quality. Overall, I’m happy with this cycle, it resulted in a nice body recomposition. I’d say that I gained a few lbs of muscle and lost a few lbs of fat over these 12-weeks.

If you want to do a similar cycle, I recommend that you take frequent pictures of yourself. This way, you will be able to easily track your progress. Also, make sure that your diet is clean so you don’t experience any water retention.

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