Is MK-677 Gyno A Myth Or Can It Really Happen?

Many people falsely believe MK-677 to be a SARM but it’s actually a growth hormone secretagogue and a ghrelin hormone agonist.

This technically means that MK-677 gyno shouldn’t be a concern since MK-677 doesn’t aromatize.

MK 677 Gyno

However, this article will reveal that there’s more to the story than just testosterone suppression and aromatization.

Does MK-677 Cause Gyno

This is quite a controversial topic in the bodybuilding community, as many will simply discredit MK-677 based on the fact that it isn’t a SARM.

However, there is one way MK-677 could cause gyno and that’s by increasing prolactin.

To be quite frank, the prolactin increase from MK-677 is not a concern if you’re doing just one eight-week cycle with the compound.

Still, some people use MK-677 as a PCT or don’t cycle it at all, taking it indefinitely.

Those are definitely at risk from increased prolactin levels, which in return can cause side effects such as gyno.

Another reason why some people believe MK-677 causes gyno is due to water retention.

Water retention causes weight and fat gain, even around the nipples, which many falsely believe to be gyno.

Read my MK-677 water retention article to be able to distinguish the two.

Chances of MK-677 Causing Gyno

As I’ve already mentioned, if you’re doing just one or two cycles and are actively cycling the compound, there’s nothing to be scared of.

Judging from the anecdotal reports we have, less than 2% of all people that take MK-677 experience real gyno.

Yes, there are many false flags due to water retention but that shouldn’t be a huge concern as it goes away on its own when you stop taking MK-677.

The real problem are people who’re just taking the compound without cycling it but even that is not a big deal.

Simply do a blood test every three months to check your estrogen and prolactin levels.

Your estrogen levels should be fine and in most cases, your prolactin will only have experienced a minor spike.

This all tells us that there isn’t much to worry about.

Precaution To Take Against MK-677 Gyno

There’s not much to say in this section; it all boils down to cycling the compound.

This gives your body time to restore things to their natural order.

However, one thing you really have to pay attention to is the purity of your MK-677.

Pure, high-quality MK-677 will almost never cause gyno.

Most people who’ve actually taken MK-677 and experienced gyno are actually victims of impure MK-677 from unscrupulous vendors.

That’s why I’ve created my recommended list of companies.

It reveals the best MK-677 vendors online and provides the cheapest options.

What To Do If Gyno Happens On MK-677

If you suspect that you’ve gotten gyno from MK-677, the first thing you should do is get a blood test.

I could spend hours talking about all the signs and symptoms of gyno but a blood test is simply the most superior option available.

It tells you literally everything that’s right or wrong with your body and helps you determine whether you really have gyno.

The normal prolactin range for men is less than 20 ng/mL; if your result is higher, then you’re suffering from heightened prolactin levels.

This is the most likely reason for your gyno.

However, if it’s lower than the aforementioned result, you should consider water retention as the culprit.

If you’ve determined that you got gyno from MK-677, stop your cycle immediately and give your body some rest.

This means no exogenous substances for at least four weeks or until the gyno goes away.


While MK-677 gyno is quite rare, it shouldn’t be overlooked by any means.

It can still happen to those that take MK-677 without cycling it.

Ensure that you’re buying pure MK-677 and that you take a blood test every three months while imbuing the compound!

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