LGD 3033 Review, Dosage, Before And After Results | December 2023

LGD 3033 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) developed as a possible treatment for osteoporosis and has positive influence on muscle maintenance, muscle growth and increasing strength. In the following article we will investigate benefits, side effects, dosage and half life of LGD 3033, not to be mistaken with it’s popular relative LGD-4033, also known as Ligandrol.

What is LGD 3033

 Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are molecules developed to treat various diseases. Newly developed SARM, LGD 3033, is an investigational drug originally synthesized at by Ligand Pharmaceuticals. It has promising benefits on muscle mass growth, strength increment and osteoporosis treatment.

Figure 1. Structural formula of LGD 3033.

Androgens have important role in reproduction, sexual dimorphism and libido increment in men and women. Due to their potential negative effects on health, their widespread use has been limited. In men they can stimulate prostate and cause virilization problems in women.  LGD 3033 has reduced activity on the prostate and reaches a pharmacological plateau without increasing prostate weight above abnormal values.

How Does LGD 3033 work?

As said, LGD 3033 belongs into the family of Selective androgen receptor modulators. As the name implies their effect is selective in contrast to nonselective androgens. This enables them to be used in treatment of various diseases as they selectively bind to androgen receptors. Positive effects of treatment are maintained, and risk factor of potential side effects greatly reduced.

LGD 3033 enhances nitrogen retention and helps with water retention, resulting in muscle tissue growth and fuller look of muscles. In contrast to other SARM compounds, where their effect on the body becomes visible after six to eight weeks, noticeable effect of LGD 3033 can be seen in a few days after the beginning of use.

LGD 3033 benefits

There are many positive effects of LGD 3033 use, the most important ones being:

  • Muscle mass growth
  • Increase in strength
  • Fuller look of muscles through water retention
  • Shorter time until effects become visible
  • Increased bone density
  • Fat loss enhancement
  • Enhanced recovery and muscle repair

Let’s investigate more details of positive effects of LGD 3033 use.

Muscle mass growth, increase in strength and fuller look of muscles

This is the main reason that makes LGD 3033 so popular among athletes. It specifically targets androgen receptors in muscle cells resulting in enhanced muscle growth especially in combination with training.

Androgen receptors (AR) are a specific type of nuclear receptor that are activated only when an androgen hormone binds on their binding site. The message is then translocated through cytoplasm into the nucleus. These receptors act also as targets for specific drugs and serves also as a binding spot for LDG 3033 that specifically targets androgen receptors in muscle cells. As a result, messages are into the nucleus and to the body that translate into muscle tissue growth.

Effect of LDG 3033 on muscle cells is similar like the one with the steroids. Difference is in the selectivity. If steroids affect not only muscle cells but also other androgenic organs like prostate, LDG 3033 is selective, meaning it affects muscle cells with minimal acting on other androgenic organs in the body. As said, it has been reported that it reaches needed pharmacological plateau without increasing prostate weight above abnormal values.

Fuller look of muscles is also reported as LDG 3033 acts as a water retention facilitator, meaning it enhances water binding in muscle cells which become fuller and appear bigger.

Fat loss enhancement

LDG 3033 increases metabolic activity of the body resulting in faster breakdown of molecules including producing energy. As a result, fat cells are burnt faster and cutting process can be accelerated in the cutting phase or simultaneously with muscle building. This makes LDG 3033 appropriate for athletes who want to put on lean muscle mass while simultaneously decrease body fat percentage.

Increased bone density

In the recent study, observing effect of LDG 3033 on population of male and female rats, also effect on bone density has been observed. Individuals suffering from osteoporosis can benefit greatly from LDG 3033 use and it can greatly reduce risk of fractures.

LGD 3033 side effects

As with any newly developed drug or supplement, possibility of side effects should be taken into consideration. Not many side effects have been reported on LDG 3033, however research on its use and side effects are still in ongoing phase. Possible side effects that have until now been reported or there is a possibility of them to appear, are:

  • Instability due to shorter half-life
  • Blood pressure increase
  • Body temperature increase
  • Possible cholesterol increase
  • Possible transient imbalance of testosterone levels

Let us take a bit more detailed look into side effects of LDG 3033 use.

Instability due to shorter half-life

Half-life of LDG 3033 is approximately six hours long, therefore dosage is a bit more difficult than it is with the SARMs that have half-life longer than 22 hours. Dosage must be divided into three doses per day. In the opposite case instability in effect could be observed.

Blood pressure increase

Individuals with higher risk of cardiovascular disease are advised to take possibility of blood pressure into consideration as this is a possible side effect of LDG 3033 use. Athletes belonging in a risk group should consider consultation with medical doctor prior to LDG 3033 use.

Body temperature increase

Beside blood pressure, also body temperature increase has been reported. This effect is rarely observed and is mostly transient in nature meaning body temperature will normalize shortly after beginning of cycle.

Possible cholesterol increase

Although unlikely, it is also possible for LDG 3033 to increase cholesterol level again meaning that athletes with higher risk of cardiovascular disease should consult LDG 3033 use with medical doctor.

Possible transient imbalance of testosterone levels

LDG 3033 can affect levels of testosterone produced naturally in the body. In order to restore optimal levels of testosterone post cycle therapy is advised. Post cycle therapy or PCT is a period of time after the use of certain steroid drug in which normal hormonal condition of the body is restored. Normal hormonal values can be restored also without PCT although it takes longer.

As testosterone levels also affect libido and sex drive, possible changes can also be seen in that area although they are transient in nature and will normalize shortly after the beginning od cycle.


In conclusion, LGD 3033 is a promising SARM but it has a lot of downsides. The major downside is the short half-life which means that users have to take it three times per day.

In the future, I hope that there will be more studies done on LGD 3033 so that we will be able to better understand its long-term benefits and side effects.

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