LGD 2226 Review, Benefits, Dosage | December 2023

Whenever a new SARM comes out, there’s a lot of hype to it, especially from the bodybuilding community.

Another reason for the hype is that many patients suffering from osteoporosis and muscle wasting are desperately looking for an alternative to their current medication.

LGD 2226 Review

This LGD 2226 review will show you exactly what we currently know about this SARM and reveal:

  • What is LGD 2226 
  • Is LGD 2226 legal
  • Benefits and side effects of LGD 2226
  • Best LGD 2226 dosage
  • Where to buy LGD 2226
  • …and much more!

What is LGD 2226

LGD 2226 is a novel, experimental, orally active selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM).

It has been designed for the sole purpose of treating degeneration of muscles and bones.

Some people claim LGD 2226 to be similar to LGD 4033 but that’s just a wild guess; the names don’t imply anything.

We’ll compare the two in a subsequent section, however, studies on LGD 2226 are sparse and there’s little information available online.

Most info you get online for this SARM boils down to raw speculation and unsubstantiated claims.

How Does It Work

LGD 2226 should work just like any other SARM.

By binding selectively to the androgen receptor, LGD 2226 activates it, causing all the potent anabolic effects of this SARM.

Current research boils down to cellular and animal studies, so anyone telling you they are 100% sure how it actually works is straight up lying to you.

Just like all the other SARMs, LGD 2226 mimics testosterone but with one caveat; it doesn’t cause prostate hyperplasia.

This is exactly what both bodybuilders and patients have been looking for!

Essentially, a compound that increases muscle mass and bone density while incurring the least side effects.

To be completely fair, this SARM looks quite promising.

Is LGD 2226 Legal

As far as I’m aware, no rulebook or law currently has LGD 2226 included by name.

That’s because it’s too new and little known outside the community.

However, many countries simply say “SARMs” in their laws, which means it’s already incorporated.

This means that LGD 2226 is only to be labeled and marketed as a research chemical, not for human consumption.

Essentially, LGD 2226 is legal to possess but only if you’re doing research with it.

Is it detectable by drug tests? That’s currently unknown.

How To Use LGD 2226

Researchers talk about the good oral bioavailability of LGD 2226, as if it was something novel to SARMs.

The truth is, all SARMs are consumed orally and while there are injectable SARMs, they are quite rare.

It’s best to take LGD 2226 through the mouth and wash it down with some water or juice.

As always, capsules seem to be the easiest option as there are no measurements and nothing to botch.

LGD 2226 Benefits

There are only a couple of good studies performed on LGD 2226, which means we don’t have much material to work with.

An additional problem is that they are cellular and animal studies and as we all should know, results from those don’t necessarily translate onto humans.

With that being said, here are the benefits observed in the aforementioned studies.

1. Increased Muscle Mass

This comes as a direct result of increased testosterone levels.

Huge increases in muscle mass have been observed in animals taking LGD 2226.

Judging by the results from similar SARMs, LGD 2226 should increase muscle mass by 10 to 15 pounds in just one cycle.

Not only does it increase muscle but you’re also able to retain current muscle, making it a great aid for people on a caloric deficit.

2. Increased Bone Density

Strong bones are the backbone of big muscles.

Without strong bones, you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure down the road.

LGD 2226 increases bone density in a dose-dependent manner in animal models.

This should technically translate onto humans but until we see an actual human study, it remains to be seen.

3. Increased Fat Loss

All SARMs passively cause fat loss through increased muscle mass.

The more muscle you have, the more fat you’re burning on a daily basis.

Since LGD 2226 dramatically increases muscle mass, fat loss should be expected as well.

However, taking LGD 2226 for the sole reason of fat loss might not be a good idea, as it doesn’t directly attack fat cells in the body.

4. Increased Libido And Sexual Performance

All SARMs boost libido through testosterone increase.

However, the effects of LGD 2226 on libido have been observed in several studies, hinting towards its increased efficacy at enhancing sexual performance.

Why is LGD 2226 so good at it? We have no idea so far but as more information comes out, we’ll update this article accordingly.

5. Increased Stamina And Energy Levels

It’s not unheard of that SARMs in general increase energy levels, stamina and boost mood.

This is due to the way testosterone affects the brain; it basically makes it release neurotransmitters like dopamine.

All in all, you should feel the difference while on LGD 2226 but insofar, there are no anecdotal reports.

LGD 2226 Dosage

This is a very controversial topic, especially since no human research has been done and anecdotal reports are sparse.

This means that we’re left to guess the correct human dosage, which is not something I want to indulge in.

For now, let’s just say that the correct dosage is undefined.

We’ll come back later to the article when more information is available and fill it in accordingly.

Be sure to bookmark this article to be updated with all the latest info!


LGD 2226 Half-Life

The half-life observed on animals has been revealed to be more than 24 hours, which means that dosing it once a day is more than enough.

It’s a big question whether it translates onto humans, we’ll just have to wait and see.

LGD 2226 Side Effects

From the research available, LGD 2226 seems to possess an excellent safety profile, somewhere up there with LGD 4033.

However, this doesn’t mean this SARM is completely side-effect free.

Here’s what you can expect.

1. Testosterone Suppression

It’s a mistaken belief held by many that since SARMs selectively target the androgen receptor, they automatically get a free pass when it comes to suppression.

While SARMs aren’t as suppressive as real steroids and other injectable androgens, they still exhibit androgenicity in tissues.

This means that your HPT axis will be affected and that you will suffer from testosterone suppression some time down the line.

The question that begs to be answered is; how suppressive is LGD 2226?

We currently don’t have a reliable answer, as the researchers didn’t even look at suppression in animal models.

2. Hair Shedding

Hair shedding is a negative feature of all androgens.

DHT, a byproduct of testosterone, is the main culprit.

Naturally, when you increase testosterone levels by exogenous means, you might experience hair shedding as a side effect.

I haven’t seen any anecdotal reports claiming LGD 2226 causes hair shedding but it might very well be the case.

3. Headaches And Nausea

These are a common feature of all SARMs; as you start imbuing them, you suffer from either headaches and/or nausea.

The main reason behind this side effect is your body and brain getting used to the compound and a byproduct of that are migraines.

It’s important to realize that SARMs like LGD 2226 affect both body and brain; there’s no free lunch.

The good news is that the headaches and nausea go away within a week.

LGD 2226 VS LGD 4033

Comparing these two SARMs is very difficult due to the lack of information available on LGD 2226.

Equating them does us no good either; just because they happen to be from the same company and share a similar name means absolutely nothing.

We know that LGD 4033 is quite suppressive, while being a great muscle and strength booster.

It’s actually one of the best compounds for a bulk.

Researchers claim that LGD 2226 has an excellent safety profile, massive gains in muscle mass, bone density and strength in animal models.

Those are two things LGD 2226 and LGD 4033 have in common; they both work phenomenally for improving your physique.

Other than this, it would be unwise to do any other comparisons, due to the aforementioned lack of information.

Where to Buy LGD 2226

There are many vendors claiming to sell LGD 2226 online but you have to keep a sharp eye and a cool head while buying SARMs.

The truth is, you’ll hardly find any LGD 2226 online and that’s why most legitimate vendors don’t carry it.

It’s very hard to source as of now since it’s still new but that might change in the future.

Basically, if you’re looking to buy some LGD 2226 for research, get yourself some LGD 4033 instead.

Ligandrol is amazing at putting on strength and muscle mass, it’s also the perfect compound for those struggling to put on weight.

Get the purest Ligandrol available by visiting my recommended companies!


To be perfectly frank, LGD 2226 is a novel SARM with limited research and information available.

This showed throughout the entire LGD 2226 review and was a continuing nuisance while doing research about the compound.

I haven’t personally tried it yet but I will as soon as legitimate vendors start carrying it; excited to share my results!

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