Fragment 176-191 Review, Benefits, Dosage | December 2023

When fat loss is concerned, Fragment 176-191 is being tossed around as the perfect peptide for the job.

While studies on this peptide are scarce, there are plenty of anecdotal reports featuring its effectiveness. 

Fragment 176-191 Review

This Fragment 176-191 review will tell you the exact benefits you can expect from this peptide, along with:

  • What is Fragment 176-191
  • Is Fragment 176-191 legal
  • The best Fragment 176-191 dosage
  • Fragment 176-191 side effects you can expect
  • …and much more!

What is Fragment 176-191

Fragment 176-191, also known as HGH Frag and Somatotropin 176-191 is just what the name implies, a fragment chain of a bigger peptide hormone.

To understand what that means, we have to consider the amount of amino-acids HGH (human growth hormone) has.

The exact number is 191, implying that Fragment 176-191 constitutes the last 16 amino-acids of HGH.

While some may think this means Fragment 176-191 will have similar effects as HGH, that’s not exactly the case.

The reason behind this is not currently known, since studies on this fragment chain are scarce.

How Does It Work

The exact mechanisms by which Fragment 176-191 exerts its influence are unknown but we do know it causes lipolysis in the body.

This leads to the fat loss many bodybuilders exhibit after taking the compound.

What’s interesting about Fragment 176-191 is that it doesn’t induce high blood pressure or high blood sugar via its mechanism of action.

This effect has only been observed in mice and it’s questionable whether it translates onto humans.

Another study on rats observed glucose reduction and reduced insulin sensitivity.

In the future, Fragment 176-191 may have potential to be a supplementary treatment option for diabetes type 2.

All in all, there are no studies observing the function of Fragment 176-191 in humans.

This means that we have no idea how this peptide actually works, so tread with caution.

Is Fragment 176-191 Legal

Fragment 176-191 is included in the WADA list of prohibited substances under section S2 (2.3).

The aforementioned section lists ALL HGH fragments and analogues as illegal, just because some fragments aren’t mentioned by name, doesn’t make them legal to use.

The truth is, if you’re competing, don’t go near HGH, its fragments or any analogues.

They test for that quite extensively and it’s more than likely you’ll get caught.

However, if you’re a regular bodybuilder or just a person that wants to improve his physique, Fragment 176-191 can be bought online.

Keep in mind that Fragment 176-191 is meant for research purposes and you should only buy it for research purposes.

Avoid vendors offering this or any other peptide under the guise of human consumption.

Keep reading and at the end of the article, I’ll show you my favorite peptide stores.

Fragment 176-191 Benefits

Before listing all the benefits of this peptide, I would like to remind you that no research on humans has been performed using Fragment 176-191.

This means we have no idea how it actually works on humans.

While there are many anecdotal reports of people taking Fragment 176-191, they don’t give an accurate picture of what really goes on.

1. Fragment 176-191 Increases Fat Loss

The main reason why so many bodybuilders are jumping on the Fragment 176-191 train is best described by the following phrase: “It burns fat, without all the sides of HGH!”

As previously mentioned, Fragment 176-191 induces lipolysis; a process where triglycerides are broken down into fatty acids, an energy source.

The biggest problem with HGH is that it may cause water retention and other unpleasant side effects.

With Fragment 176-191, it’s a thing of the past, at least that’s what anecdotal reports say.

2. Fragment 176-191 May Induce Fat Redistribution

This is purely anecdotal but many bodybuilders have said that Fragment 176-191 is great for body recomping.

Not only do you lose fat but you also recomp in a way where the fat from your lower abdomen and face is redistributed to other areas.

The great thing about Fragment 176-191 is that it doesn’t affect a biochemical process called carbohydrate metabolism.

Basically, the energy supply chain of your body is not interrupted.

3. Fragment 176-191 May Promote Cartilage Regeneration

Without a doubt, our cartilage is one of the most important parts of the body, protecting bones and joints alike.

Fragment 176-191 apparently has the ability to induce cartilage regeneration and may be used for osteoarthritis.

This has only been studied on rabbits so take it with a grain of salt.

Not just that, Fragment 176-191 wasn’t even used in the research but a similar compound, AOD9604!

This is the biggest problem with Fragment 176-191, it basically has no research backing it up.

4. Fragment 176-191 May Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Six fragments of HGH were put to the test and it turned out Fragment 176-191 had the best results when it came to regulating blood sugar levels.

The hypoglycemic effects came from the C-terminus.

This was a rat study but it may have future implications as referenced before, especially for diabetes type 2.

5. Fragment 176-191 May Increase Energy Levels

This is just bro-science at this point but I have to mention it in case someone does experience increased energy levels from this peptide.

The lipolysis from Fragment 176-191 creates fatty acids, which are a great energy source.

From that point out, it should be obvious why this peptide increases energy levels, especially in human beings prone to an active lifestyle.

Fragment 176-191 Dosage

Since there have been no human studies done with Fragment 176-191, it’s hard to give an accurate dosage from a scientific standpoint.

Bodybuilders who take it recreationally usually do between 150 to 300mcg per injection.

Given that most bodybuilders who take Fragment 176-191 inject it three times per day, you can expect to spend between 450 to 900mcg per day.

Newbies usually start with the lowest dosage and work their way up.

Fragment 176-191 is usually cycled every four to six weeks, the exact time frame depending on the amount of experience you have with the compound and tolerability.

Fragment 176-191 bought online comes in powder form and you have to reconstitute it with the help of BAC (bacteriostatic water).

Don’t worry, the vendors I have personally vetted have BAC in stock.

Fragment 176-191 Half-Life

The half-life of Fragment 176-191 is currently unknown.

There are some websites saying peak concentration is reached within 15 minutes and that the half-life is around 60 minutes.

However, those are studies that have been performed on animals.

We have no idea how Fragment 176-191 would act on an actual human being.

Fragment 176-191 Side Effects

While many websites and bodybuilders claim that Fragment 176-191 doesn’t have any side effects due to its constitution, I would beg to disagree.

The fact that there are no human studies is already established.

However, what many people forget is that there’s a whole umbrella of user experiences who’ve taken Fragment 176-191.

Some said they didn’t feel anything at all for the entirety of their cycle.

Others say they magically lost fat even while on a caloric surplus.

The problem is, we can’t simply give weight to any one opinion or experience with the compound.

From what I’ve seen, the most common complaint from people using Fragment 176-191 is nausea.

Funny thing is, a vast majority of people who’ve actually taken this peptide say they wouldn’t do it again, mostly due to lack of value for money.

Fragment 176-191 VS HGH

We already know that Fragment 176-191 is the end part of HGH, specifically, the last 16 amino-acids.

However, it’s also important to note that while Fragment 176-191 might reduce fat in a dose-dependent manner, HGH does so much more!

HGH can increase muscle mass, bone density, exercise capacity, speed up healing and so much more.

It also has a lot of research behind it, unlike Fragment 176-191, which is essentially a gamble.

Where to Buy Fragment 176-191

If you’re still hellbent on buying Fragment 176-191, at least do so from the right sources.

I have gone through hundreds of peptide vendors and while there are many who claim to be the best, only a handful are worth their salt.

Visit my recommended list of peptide vendors to get the best peptides on the market.

They are 100% pure and the quality control (lab testing) is on point.


While there’s no doubt in my mind Fragment 176-191 is an interesting compound, I haven’t and won’t be taking it until there are some human studies.

Fat loss can be facilitated by keeping your diet in check and training hard; in most cases, there’s no need for an exogenous fat loss agent.

To conclude this Fragment 176-191 review, a peptide without any human research behind it and limited functionality.

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