Diagnostics Kits

Hormote Diagnostics Kits

If you’re planning on using SARMs, it’s important to keep track of your hormones, especially Testosterone. It will allow you to plan your PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) accordingly because you will know exactly how much you’re natural Testosterone production is surpressed.

I strongly recommend you invest in hormone diagnostics kits whenever you’re planning out a cycle. Health is the number 1 priority and without a diagnostics kit or a blood test, you are kind of going in blind.

My #1 recommended diagnostics kit isLive Forever Health

Live Forever Health is a US-based telehealth company that personalizes their services to each client.

They offer telehealth services to people in the US and personalized health consulting to everyone in the world.

They sell amazing saliva hormone diagnostics kits that I personally use on all my cycles. I use their Profile II kit but the Profile I or Profile III will work too.

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