Best SARMs For Endurance | The Best Cardio Boosting SARMs!

Before you even think about getting SARMs for endurance, you first need to understand the biggest endurance factor for bodybuilders.

Your weight is the most important factor, as it directly impacts how hard your heart and lungs have to work in order to sustain your level of activity.

Best SARMs For Endurance

This article will not only present the 3 best cardio-boosting SARMs but also explain the different types of endurance to look out for.

The Two Main Types Of Endurance

A book could be written on endurance alone but for bodybuilders, only two types of endurance play a role in their regimen.

Those are aerobic and muscular endurance.

The one problem with most SARMs and other androgens is that they inadvertently increase weight which negatively affects your aerobic endurance.

This means that your heart and lungs work extra hard to compensate for the surplus weight you find yourself in.

The good thing is, there are SARMs that help suppress weight, while still increasing muscular endurance.

This brings us back to the two types of endurance.

Aerobic endurance could be defined as your ability to perform certain exercises that are particularly tied to your heart and lungs.

Running would be a great example, as well as cycling and swimming.

On the other hand, muscular endurance is defined as your ability to continually perform reps during exercise.

It includes exercises like the bench press, squat and deadlift.

Depending on what you want to improve, you will have to imbue different supplements.

In this article, I will show you two SARMs and one compound, the latter is particularly good at increasing aerobic endurance. 

More on that later.

The Best SARMs For Endurance

If you’re targeting muscular endurance, you will love the two SARMs that are about to be mentioned.

1. RAD140

RAD140 (Testolone) is by far the best SARM for muscular endurance.

You will be happy with the dry, visible gains it bestows you with and it will massively increase your output on the big three and other exercises.

The only problem with RAD140 is that it negatively affects aerobic endurance but that’s not a huge issue for most bodybuilders.

The reason why is because you’re not there to run around but to lift weights and get bigger.

If the above matches your mentality, RAD140 is the best candidate and you should definitely consider adding it to your regimen.

Read my full RAD140 review to fully understand the pros and cons of this compound.

2. Ostarine

I had my doubts including this SARM but many people care about their health and want the absolute safest option, so that’s why Ostarine made this list.

Ostarine is about three times less potent compared to RAD140; that’s according to anecdotal reports, there are unfortunately no studies involving the two together.

However, it will still increase muscular endurance to a point and you’ll see a noticeable difference.

Compared to RAD140, Ostarine simply fails to impress but it is a lot safer and it has been tested on humans.

As of 2022, there are still zero human studies on RAD140 and that’s why Ostarine remains the safest and most tested option.

Just one caveat; don’t expect the world from Ostarine, it will help you but it won’t do wonders.

Read my full Ostarine review to see just how safe and tolerable this SARM really is!

3. Cardarine

Please keep in mind that Cardarine is not an androgen, which means it’s unlikely to increase muscular endurance.

However, if you’re someone that wants to improve his running, cycling, swimming or rowing, Cardarine is the best compound on the planet!

It will literally rock your boat.

I actually tried it out myself and let me tell you, you will feel like you never want to stop running, your legs just keep carrying you.

Since most people aren’t actively looking for aerobic endurance, it’s understandable why Cardarine isn’t on most bodybuilder’s bucket lists.

Please try to understand that running is an important part of bodybuilding and it can help add muscle to your legs; often the most under trained part of the body.

Read my entire Cardarine review to learn what dosages work best and other important info!

Best SARMs Stack For Endurance

Please don’t attempt to do this stack unless you have prior experience with SARMs and/or Cardarine.

It’s not rocket science, we’ll just mix Ostarine and Cardarine in an attempt to both increase aerobic and muscular endurance.

I’ve already written a great article on this topic entitled Cardarine Ostarine stack, definitely check it out if you want the best SARMs stack for endurance.

Regarding results, you can expect a massive decrease in body fat and some nice lean muscle to top it all off!

Not to mention the endurance gains, you will love your newfound stamina.


Now that I’ve named the best SARMs for endurance, it’s time to pick one and just go for it.

For those that want the full experience, I wholeheartedly recommend RAD140. 

Despite the lack of human trials, a lot of people have done it but you should proceed with caution.

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